Release Notes of JReport 15.6

Feature Enhancements

Item Feature # Description
1 162489 Bursting support for business view based page reports.
2 165435 & 179422 Support for OpenJDK8 and Oracle JDK 9.
3 172813 Retrievable page report background tasks.
4 173234 Cross reference on business views (Enable Reference Entity on business views).
5 173969 Consistent behaviors for JReport Designer and JReport Server when Prefetch property is enabled on business views.
6 176898 Dynamic resources for switching fields in tables, banded objects and crosstabs.
7 177316 & 177334 Enhanced JDashboard and Web Report Studio UI with better user experience.
8 178054 Automatically append parent table names as prefix to column names in default mapping names.
9 178096 Smoother and more responsive dashboards.
10 178212 Images as web controls in web reports.
11 178492 New gauge chart types can be created and formatted on web.
12 178731 Formula functions for time zone conversion.
13 179120 Configurable maximum records in a parameter value list.
14 179129 Connection plug-in for PostgreSQL.
15 179768 HTML tags can be parsed in the report result.
16 179778 EnterpriseDB (EDB) as the JReport Server system database.
17 180303 & 180344 Display Null property on fields in a catalog.
18 180356 Page break on web report components (On New Page and Fill Whole Page properties are supported).

Resolved Issues

Item Case # Issue
1 75048 Solved issue where font size of fields is not the same as font set in the Catalog Manager.
2 75051 “&” character support in tenant names.
3 75067 Conditional fill can be kept after changing Category (group) fields or Show Value (summary) fields in charts in JReport Designer.
4 75113 Solved issue where JReport Server cannot be started if PostgreSQL schema is updated in JReport system database.
5 75127 Solved OutOfMemory error when running a detail table with a large amount of records with default JReport heap size configuration.
6 75133 Solved issue where the fractional value used in filter controls is rounded up to integer number automatically.
7 75148 KPI component from web report can now be inserted into dashboards.
8 75198 Improved JReport Server security to prevent XSS attacks when scheduling reports to FTP.
9 75201 Parameters in web reports can now be used to control fields in a tabular cell.
10 75220 Improved system performance when using filter controls or dynamic resources in web reports.
11 75234 A gauge label can now be aligned properly in the center of a gauge chart.
12 75251 The Invisible property controlled by a constant formula now works correctly in Web Report Studio and JDashboard.
13 75305 Page reports with dynamic connections now run normally in clustered environment.
14 75327 Customized aggregations are supported by the Catalog API.
15 75355 Reports with German characters in name can now be opened in JReport Designer.
16 79301 Reports and catalogs created by non-supported versions such as JReport 11.1 can now be opened and run.
17 79301 Failed schedule tasks can now be displayed in the Completed tab of the My Tasks page on the JReport Server console.
18 79358 Page report queries support variables from a database.
19 79372 Horizontal banded objects can now be correctly displayed in exported PDF files.
20 79374 Fixed incorrect formats in exported Excel files when setting parameters jrs.excel_layout=false and jrs.excel2000=false.
21 79401 NLS is now correctly applied onto web report filter labels when a report is linked from a dashboard.
22 79410 The properties of Suppress Column Grand Totals and Use Table Style now work for crosstab previews in JReport Designer.
23 79436 The number of records in an exported Excel file is now displayed correctly when reports contain a large amount of data in Web Report Studio.
24 79442 Scheduled reports can be opened successfully in a clustered environment.
25 79450 Fixed the problem that error messages appear in log entries when opening dashboards that work correctly.

Known Issues

Report data gets cut off in PDF result due to PDF page size limitation

When you export a report to PDF format, you will find that in the PDF result some data of the report are cut off if the report contains a large amount of data but its page mode was specified to be continuous page mode or its page size was set to be larger than 200 inches. This is due to a PDF limitation where the data displayed can be no larger than 200 inches in a single PDF page.

Unsupported go-to action temporarily when using dynamic formulas on chart

You will get exceptions when you perform the go-to action on a chart which uses a dynamic formula as its shown value and the formula contains group information. This is a limitation in the current version. It will be resolved in a future release.