Release Notes of JReport 16.1 Update 1

Resolved Issues

Item Case # Issue
1 82201 Resolved a problem in which a null value was passed even though an empty string-type parameter's Treat Blank as Null property was set to false.
2 82871 Resolved a "Failed to upload some files" error that occurred when manually publishing to FTP from the scheduled task list.
3 82950 Resolved an error that occurred when exporting a report to PDF or to Excel when the report contained a JHyperlink UDO object.
4 83130 Resolved a problem in which the first bar on a bar chart did not show the bar value at the top as it did for the rest of the bars on a chart with three or more bars.
5 83416 Resolved the "Failed to write binary jetc file, Illegal Access" error that frequently occurred when saving the catalog, even after small changes such as adding or renaming a field.
6 194942 Resolved a problem in which a TrueType font used by JReport did not display correctly in a browser when the font was not supported by the browser.