Release Notes of JReport 16 Update 2

Resolved Issues for JReport Server

Item Case # Issue
1 81657 Loading status for crosstab report now clears properly.
2 81825 Linked Web Report can now be opened when linking from another linked report.
3 81839 Fixed a JavaScript error when using URL to create a Web Report that does not contain any business views.
4 81839 Fixed the business view loss due to changes in Catalog API after upgrading to JReport 16.
5 81887 Web Report table scrollbar is now displayed properly upon initial load of big reports after upgrading to JReport 16.
6 81912 Fixed font and spacing issues on web filters after upgrading to JReport 16.
7 186917 Fixed the exception thrown on a crosstab that inherits data from its parent component with no data when the parent component has no data in it.
8 189969 Fixed the missing equal sign issue in URL to run reports.
9 190303 Security enhancement for preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery.
10 190554 Filter checkbox can be checked now in Web Report Studio profile.

Resolved Issues for JReport Designer

Item Case # Issue
1 81840 Fixed the error of "A0FF0001 - NullPointerException" when searching a constant formula in JReport Designer.
2 82148 Fixed the UDS error when running reports that were upgraded from JReport 13 to JReport 16.
3 82238 A formula with an "import" statement can now be found when running reports.
4 82238 Fixed the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException upon applying CSS in reports to generate exported results such as PDF, Excel, etc.
5 82245 Stored Procedure parameters can now be merged from multiple Stored Procedures after merging catalogs.
6 189859 Data container link can now be set up in Page Report based on Business View.
7 190427 Fixed incorrect True Type font issue after upgrading to JReport 16.
8 190904 Date/Time/Timestamp patterns for Oracle Stored Procedures are now supported.
9 191138 Barcode support now allows different scales.