Release Notes of JReport 16

Feature Enhancements

Item Feature # Description
1 120127 Auto scale for large numbers using K, M,G, and T.
2 143137 UDF (User Defined Function) support in Formula Editor of Web Report Studio.
3 145511 Configuration to suppress totals and subtotals of a crosstab in Web Report Studio.
4 147728 CQR (Cached Query Result) support for Business Views without database connections.
5 164077 Total value display on Donut charts.
6 180119 Tenant level report sharing applied with Business View securities.
7 180482 Configurable Query Filter in Web Report Studio.
8 180773/185122 Dynamic (formula controlled) format support in Page Reports based on Business Views.
9 180862 Encrypted passwords shown as asterisks in log files.
10 181230 Save as Library Component from Web Report Studio.
11 181429 Dynamic Banded display - Use formulas to control Invisible and Suppress properties for banded objects and banded panels.
12 183217 Easily upgrade or downgrade via backup and restore of system data.
13 183474 Complex condition support for dashboard synchronization.
14 183489 Enhanced dashboard synchronization with drill-down support.
15 183694 More Special Fields to display filters.
16 184528 Catalog API supports Catalog resource merging.
17 184553 Alert for license expiration in JReport Designer.
18 184576 Improved performance in loading Business View resources in Quick Start.
19 185073 Oracle OpenJDK 11 support.

Resolved Issues

Item Case # Issue
1 73883 Using dot "." as thousands separator in chart axis labels when German is set.
2 80082 Correct email attachments can now be distributed to different recipients.
3 80533 Fixed “Parse formula exception…” when using formulas to do query filters with multiple connections.
4 80537 Adjusted Page Setup default to use Auto Fit for exporting dashboards with large width.
5 80584 Fixed low quality of report display when running on Oracle JDK 11.
6 80592 Fixed the failure of running Page Report results saved into version.
7 80613 Improved performance of logging in JReport Server with enhanced caching algorithm for users from LDAP servers.
8 80692 Fixed the NullPointerException when running reports against different versions of databases.
9 80701 More than 50 tables can now be added to a connection in a Catalog.
10 80702 Manually select and import multiple users from LDAP server is now supported.
11 80702 LDAP connection supports up to thousands of OU (Organization Unit) members from Active Directory server.
12 80775 Improved performance to quickly load dynamic connections and corresponding parameters.
13 80812 Justify function is added back to Alignment section on JReport Designer menu.
14 80828 Fields can now be vertically right aligned with correct padding.
15 80872 Reports can now be printed in landscape format when using Oracle OpenJDK 8.
16 80925 Fixed the empty first page issue for running a report with multiple nested sub-reports.

Known Issues

Report data gets cut off in PDF result due to PDF page size limitation

When you export a report to PDF format, you will find that in the PDF result some data of the report are cut off if the report contains a large amount of data but its page mode was specified to be continuous page mode or its page size was set to be larger than 200 inches. This is due to a PDF limitation where the data displayed can be no larger than 200 inches in a single PDF page.

Unsupported go-to action temporarily when using dynamic formulas on chart

You will get exceptions when you perform the go-to action on a chart which uses a dynamic formula as its shown value and the formula contains group information. This is a limitation in the current version. It will be resolved in a future release.