Visa utilizes JReport’s unique clustering and report bursting technology to generate reports with as many as 200 million rows of data, providing vital account and tax information to commercial card holder accounts.

JReport is embedded in the following applications at Visa.

  • Visa Information Source (VIS & VIS Select) – Visa provides this service to its member banks and it is a key feature promoted by all its banks.
  • Visa Commercial Format (VCF) – Visa transmits enriched data, such as Level III, airline itinerary, hotel folio, and fleet data, through VCF to meet business requirements.
  • Visa 1099 Reporting – Visa allow agencies to automate the collection of transaction and merchant information required for filing IRS Forms 1099-MISC and 1057.
  • Visa Multinational Program – A program designed to connect businesses to an array of global payment and information solutions to help them more effectively manage travel, entertainment, and purchasing expenditures.