See How You Can Deliver The Analytics Your Users Need

Watch an embedded analytics overview and a product demo covering interactive reports, dashboards, ad hoc and more! Let JReport do the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business.

Embedded Analytics Designed for OEM

See How You Can Deliver The Analytics Your Users Need

What our customers are saying about JReport.

“JReport installed rapidly and delivered quick results. Its Java-based architecture also fits well with our own. It didn't take long to figure out it was the clear choice for us.”


“The level of support from Jinfonet through the evaluation process and beyond has been outstanding.”


“The cost of releasing our new product is half of what it would have been without JReport.”


Modern BI and Analytics Platform Vendor

JReport Ranked as an Expert

JReport Ranked as a High Performer

Embedded Business Intelligence Report

Analytics Technology Value Matrix

JReport “has a strong base of OEM customers who report that the solution provides a faster deployment time with an accelerated time to value while also helping to customize solutions.”

"Jinfonet's product strengths are its embedding capability, through its customizable architecture for integration with host applications, and a high-performance reporting engine (JReport)."

Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics

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See JReport in Action

See JReport in Action