Configuring security

JReport Designer allows you to allocate security permissions to different principles (users, groups and roles), and thus you can make the view elements in a business view available only for some special principles.

To configure security for a business view, follow the procedure below:

  1. Add or import principles.
  2. Set the permissions to the view elements of the business view.
  3. Save the catalog to save the security configuration.

Adding or importing principles

Before you can configure security for a business view, you first need to define the principles. To do this, in the Business View Editor window, click Tools > Security Configuration to display the Security Configuration dialog. You can either add principles manually or import them from JReport Server. See the dialog.

Setting permissions

To set permissions to the view elements of a business view,

  1. Right-click the view element in the Business View Editor window, and then choose the corresponding item for editing the view element.
  2. In the Edit View Element dialog, click the Security tab and set permissions to the element as required. See the dialog.

    The Visible permission controls whether a principle can view the business view element in the resource tree of JReport Studio and whether he or she can perform actions based on the element. These actions include inserting and removing. Filtering and sorting are not under security control.

  3. Click OK to save the permission settings.

Saving the configuration

When you save the catalog, the permission settings are also saved and they are saved in an authorization file in the same folder as the catalog file. The catalog and authorization files have the same file name but different extensions, for example, if the catalog file is, the authorization file will be named test.auth. The authorization file is loaded by the view authorization manager of its catalog during runtime.

Tip: You can also configure security for categories and view elements when creating them, that is, in the Category Property dialog or Add View Element dialog, switch to the Security tab, and then set the permissions as above. If there is no principle specified to the business view, the Security Configuration dialog will be displayed automatically for you to add or import principles.