Google Map Wizard

This wizard appears when you right-click a Google map and then select Google Map Wizard from the shortcut menu. It helps you modify a Google map that has been created.

The wizard consists of the following screens:


Goes back to the previous screen.


Goes to the next screen.


Finishes modifying the Google map and closes this dialog.


Does not retain changes and closes this dialog.


Displays this help document.

Data screen

The Data screen differs with report type: page report, or web report/library component.

Data screen for page report

Specifies the dataset for the Google map. See the screen.

Define a dataset for the object

Specifies the dataset you want to use to edit the Google map.

Data screen for web report/library component

Specifies the business view used by the Google map. See the screen.

Available data resources

Lists all the business views in the current catalog. Specify the one you want to use.

Group screen

Specifies the data fields that are used to group the data. See the screen.


Lists all the available data resources.

Adds the selected field as the group by field in the Google map.

Removes the selected group by field that is not required.

Group By

Lists the fields that are used to group data in the Google map.


Specifies how groups at the specific group level will be sorted.

Special Function

If the group by field is of Numeric/String/Date/Time type, you can select a special function for the field in the Special Function column to further specify to which level the data will be grouped by.

If Customize is selected, the Customized Function dialog will be displayed, in which you can set the function by your own.

Sort Group By

Specifies how to sort the groups. Activated only when you have clicked Sort Group By from the Sort column to define the sorting manner of groups for the selected group level.

Special Group

Specifies how to group your information. Activated only when you have clicked Special Group from the Sort column to define a special group.

Select N

Opens the Select N dialog to specify the Select N condition.

Group Filter

Opens the Group Filter dialog to specify the group filter condition.

Layout screen

Specifies the layout of Google map elements. See the screen.

Geographic Data

Specifies the geographical data for the Google map. You can import an XML file which contains some predefined geographic data including latitude and longitude for the specific object. By default, the XML file is located in the <install_root>\gisinfo directory, if not, the file will be copied to this directory after it is imported. If there is no such predefined XML file, you can also specify a file name in the text box, then when you run the report or library component with embedded Google map, an XML file with defined name will be automatically created and stored in <install_root>\gisinfo. The information in this XML file is acquired from the Google map based on the group levels you have specified.

Map Type

Specifies the type for the Google map from the drop-down list.

Marker screen

Specifies properties of the markers bound with the group levels. See the screen.

Google Map

Lists all the group levels defined for the Google map.

Location Info

Specifies the location of the marker for the selected group level.

Marker Tip

Specifies the tip information when you hover the mouse on the marker.

Default Icon

Specifies whether to apply the default settings to the icon of the marker.


Specifies the image of the marker. Input the URL for a web image or click Browse button to specify a local image. Available only when Default Icon is unchecked.


Specifies the shadow image of the marker. Input the URL for a web image or click Browse button to specify a local image. Available only when Default Icon is unchecked.

Constrain Proportions

Specifies whether to change the width and height for the marker image/shadow at the same time in a certain proportion. If checked, when the width/height is changed, the height/width will also be changed in a certain proportion.

Web Behaviors

Specifies some web behaviors to the marker.

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