Select N dialog

This dialog is displayed when you click the Select N button in the Group screen of the banded/table wizard. It helps you to specify a number to filter groups to be displayed in the report, or a parameter which returns an integer to filter group dynamically when previewing the report. See the dialog.

The following are details about options in the dialog:


Indicates where the Select N condition will be applied.

Select N

Specifies the Select N condition to define groups that will be displayed while others are hidden.


If checked, all the other records that don't match the Select N condition will be displayed (which are by default hidden) in another group. Specify a name for this group as required.

This option is available only when the Select N condition is applied to a certain group.


Accepts the changes and closes the dialog.


Discards the changes and closes the dialog.


Displays this help document.

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