Rebranding & Customizing JReport for Embedding

Rebranding & Customizing JReport for Embedding

JReport Rebranding and Customization Topics Covered Customizing Window Icons Customizing Administration and Login Pages Customizing JReport Page Name, Page Logo, and Copyright Information Customizing Information and Links to Home, Help, Navigational Customizing Report Menus Customizing Error Page and Displays Introduction: The Benefits of Rebranding As an embedded reporting and analytics product

What is the Analysis menu item I see in the New menu. How do I enable it?

Visual Analysis is a separately licensed feature of JReport since Version 12. It allows a user to interactively browse the data using a Business View. The user can easily drag and drop groups and aggregations to create crosstabs showing values, bar charts, bench charts, line charts, pie charts and shapes. It does not access any detail items in the Business View.

How can I publish the resources to JRServer without starting it?

You can call JReport Server APIs or set a default real path for the Public Reports folder before the server starts to accomplish it. 1. The following is a demo to demonstrate the usage of server API methods of deployment: /* * Copyright (c) 1998, Jinfonet Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

When JReport Server offers parameter dialog for parameters bound with table columns, the default database user from jdbc connection will be used. How can I set the dbuser/passwd in advance before reading parameter values from database?

JReport Server GUI does not support setting dbuser/password before showing parameter page. Once the parameter page appears, the default database user from jdbc connection will be used. To set the dbuser/password before the parameter page appears, you can use Server API to realize it.

What are the differences in the APIConst.TAG_TASK_CLASS values?

They are corresponding to all kinds of publish types, such as Publish to email with reports: TASK_TO_MAIL (jet.server.schedule.jrtasks.SendJRMailTask) Publish to version: TASK_TO_VERSION (jet.server.schedule.jrtasks.UpdateRptTask) Publish to file: TASK_TO_FILE (jet.server.schedule.jrtasks.PublishToDiskTask) Publish to email without reports: TASK_SEND_NORMAL_EMAIL(jet.server.schedule.jrtasks.SendMa