White-labeling and report customization are essential features of any embedded analytics product. The ease and flexibility of these types of customizations can make a huge difference in your implementation time. Many products allow developers to write detailed CSS manually to control the style of any web visualization. However, to do this for every visualization on every report would be very tedious work, delaying implementation greatly. JReport provides a high-level style construct within our IDE that allows you to easily translate system selections into low-level CSS. This way the visualization styles could be designed and re-used. JReport gives application developers and report developers greater customization capabilities with less work. We also support both conventional CSS and a CSS Editor, which is an IDE.

Below are some examples.

1. Conventional CSS. JReport supports full CSS style definitions and provides a friendly “Themes” UI to apply those CSS at run time.

Conventional CSS

2. CSS Editor feature. In addition, to further customize report and component styles, JReport provides an intuitive built-in CSS editor to help developers to create their own CSS style even without knowing the CSS syntax.

CSS Editor Feature

These CSS can be applied during run time as well.

Apply CSS

You can find an example for applying styles on a KPI component from here.