JReport allows you to embed reports and dashboards in multiple ways. One of the first things you need to decide is whether you want your analytics within your existing application or in a separate application/window.

Application Window

When integrating JReport reports or dashboards within an existing application window, there are two primary options:

  • Option 1: JReport URL on iFrame: display report via URL on the iFrame’s src attribute
  • Option 2: JReport API via JavaScript: display report via JavaScript file

Although JavaScript is the more preferred method in most use cases, iFrames are still fine for many applications. On the surface, the end result may look very similar, but the chosen invocation method carries many ripple effects from a security, portability, and maintenance perspective.

The screenshot below shows a JReport chart report embedded within a Microsoft .NET application (MixERP). The chart report is invoked via JavaScript API from the calling .NET application.

To achieve different styles of embedding reports and dashboards into your application, JReport offers different options for security and user authentication. Click here to learn more.