The Benefits of Rebranding

As an embedded reporting and analytics product JReport is designed to let customers deliver data insights through rich interfaces that seamlessly blend into any existing web or mobile application. The benefits of embedding analytics that are “private-labeled” and customized to achieve a consistent “look and feel” include:

  • Delivering rich reporting and analytics capability within existing software applications without having to develop them from scratch
  • Providing data reporting and analysis capabilities within the context of an existing application and/or user workflow
  • Protecting and growing the brand identity of your core product

For more information about the strategy and benefits of embedding a 3rd party analytics solution like JReport, we suggest a peek at the following eBooks:

Branding vs. Analytics Design: A Point of Common Confusion

The subject of this article applies to user interface branding and customization. This applies to default screen elements such as logos, themes, and labels that consistently appear on the different JReport product screens containing functionality. However, with JReport, you can go beyond customization of look and feel. JReport empowers customers to define custom menu options, specific help and support instructions, and even error messages.

It is important to note that this article is not focused on customizing the actual reporting and analytics content. For these, customers have full control over the appearance and behavior of the actual charts, tables, text, and formatting used within dashboards and reports.

After reviewing the information that follows, if you have additional questions regarding embedding and customizing JReport, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. We will connect you with the right experts to answer your question and help you complete your JReport evaluation, prototype, or production project. You can reach JReport sales or support for additional help.

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