November 2004   
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Jinfonet Announces Availability of JReport 7.1
Press Release, Nov. 2004

JReport Reports for Duty
Network World, Sept. 2004

JReport 7 at Work
in Financial Services Firm
  Master/Detail Report
Enables Supply Chain Application

A leading financial services firm has embedded JReport into its investment banking application to enable brokers and account support representatives to dynamically create portfolio reports for customers and prospects.

JReport enabled an interactive Web interface that allows sophisticated reports to be created without complicated coding and knowledge of database environments. Brokers and support reps can choose the fields they want to be included in the report and select from over 40 chart/graph presentations. Once created, the reports can be saved and emailed as PDF documents or faxed directly to the client.

Reports that show how investments compare to the S&P index over a certain period of time, for example, require only a few clicks to create. Similarly, brokers can use JReport's Web-enabled reporting to create what-if scenarios to show how a portfolio could look with different investment assets.

Prior to deploying the new Web application, brokers and service reps had to communicate client needs to the IT department, wait for the necessary data to be gathered, and then manually format the data for presentation. This process could take days to complete, and it had to be repeated for every client request.

With JReport, the firm's investment banking division has improved both client support and retention, and has been able to increase trade activity, helping improve division profitability.

To learn more, contact Jinfonet at 240-477-1000 or


JReport's Master/Detail link feature provides intuitive, fast navigation between related detail reports.

Users can create a "master" report that contains a list of items. Clicking an item drills down to a "detail" report. All detail reports can be browsed sequentially, including those detail reports linked to other pages of the master report. This greatly enhances the user experience since detail reports can be viewed without returning to the master report and clicking on another item.

A leading retailer recently began using the Master/Detail link to improve their supply chain management system. JReport was embedded into an internal supply chain application to deliver better visibility into transactions with individual vendors. The "master" report was defined as a list of all transactions, and each transaction links to a "detail" report that provides information on units shipped, date shipped, purchase orders, etc.

A leading retailer recently began using the Master/Detail link to improve their supply chain management system.

JReport allows supply chain managers to drill to one detail report and navigate sequentially to other detail reports, providing a detailed view of all transactions in correlation to the master list.

In just a short time, JReport has yielded significant time savings and enabled managers to quickly identify vendors with outstanding payment histories. More details are available by contacting Jinfonet at 240-477-1000 or

Tech Tip of the Month:
Using Backgrounds to Build Form Reports

With JReport Designer, you can use an image as a report background. This makes it easy to create watermarks and standard forms. For example, report designers could scan a blank W2 form, insert the scanned image into the detail section of a report, and add data fields to the appropriate areas. By placing the image in the detail section, each page of the report will contain one record. The layered order of objects is easily adjusted by right clicking on any object. Users can also create more precise, compact background forms with JReport's drawing tools. To see an example of a W2 form created with JReport Designer, click here.

To embed multiple records into a form, simply insert or draw an image in the page header section. In the Report Inspector, set the "underlay" property to true in order to set the image as the background for the following section. Add your data fields to the detail section, and click the view tab to see exactly how the underlay report will look. To see an example of a report using an image as an "underlay",click here.


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