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JReport Enhances PCMS's BeanStore with Reporting Capabilities
Jinfonet Adds Reporting Functionality to Adeptra's Auto-Resolution Platform
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BDI Uses JReport to Enhance SAS-70 Compliance
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JReport, Java Reporting for Linux

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JReport Enhances PCMS's BeanStore with Reporting Capabilities   Jinfonet Adds Reporting Functionality to Adeptra's Auto-Resolution Platform

U.K.-based retail IT specialist PCMS has enhanced BeanStore, its Java-based Point-of-Sale (PoS) system, with customizable reporting capabilities by tightly integrating JReport into the application. By seamlessly embedding JReport into BeanStore, the application now offers customers the ability to create and view ad hoc reports on daily sales and expenses, payment methods, and any other facet of business operations via a Web-based interface that is consistent with BeanStore's look and feel. Users will also be able to automatically schedule the generation of summary reports on buying trends, as well as monthly, quarterly and yearly sales.

Chris Belk, Applications Director for PCMS, spoke highly of his company's experience with Jinfonet Software and JReport: "Our relationship with Jinfonet Software is based, not only on the fact that JReport is a powerful Java reporting tool that has superior functionality and impressive scalability, but also on the fact that Jinfonet understood the unique, distributive nature of the retail IT industry and was able to fashion solution sets that addressed the unique needs of our clients, regardless of their size or deployment environment."

Because JReport is a flexible solution that is fully customizable, it is able to offer a level of reporting functionality to BeanStore customers that exactly meets their unique needs and deployment environment. Single-location retailers will integrate JReport into their back office systems and use it to address high-level concerns, such as inventory management and discovering sales trends, in addition to reporting on daily and weekly sales, cash reconciliation and other vital day-to-day retail operations. For large organizations with multiple stores that each have several PoS terminals, JReport's ability to scale to multiple CPUs and clustered server environments makes it easy for multi-store networks to access and report on the large volume of data that is collected from all of the organization's locations.

BeanStore is currently live in more than 175 locations across the U.K.


Adeptra, specialists in risk analysis and auto-resolution (automated self-service) solutions for the banking, travel and retail industries, has selected JReport to enhance their unique, two-way Automated Resolution Technology (ART) platform with embedded, actionable reporting capabilities.

Two specific features led Adeptra to select JReport. First, the company's developers were extremely impressed with how easy it was to seamlessly embed JReport's 100% J2EE architecture into the ART application, allowing users to experience a consistent interface and never have to leave the native application to access reporting features. Most important to the integration was the ability of JReport's security scheme to synchronize with a customer's LDAP directory, which enables JReport to authenticate and authorize users based on the LDAP server's identification of user name and password. This provides the ART platform with single sign-on capabilities.

"We were in a classic build-or-buy situation," said Adeptra CTO Tony McGivern, "and we decided we did not want to be in the business of reporting. JReport was exactly what we wanted in a reporting tool - it was the only solution that had the capabilities we needed and of all the tools we evaluated, it was by far the most flexible, and was the easiest to integrate into our platform."

JReport was seamlessly integrated with Adeptra's application, providing customers with the ability to create easy-to-view reports through a consistent user-interface. JReport also provides Adeptra's ART application with ad hoc reporting capabilities which give customers the ability to quickly and easily view and customize reports via the web in real-time.

"JReport's ad hoc feature is a terrific value to extend to our clients," said McGivern. "It was the only solution that gave them the ability to customize their own reports online, in real-time, with a consistent user experience. JReport features and functionality really help us differentiate ourselves in the market."

Tech Tip of the Month:
Using the Dynamic Right-Click Menu in DHTML

The right-click menu in DHTML is an alternative way to dynamically modify reports. It provides similar functionality to the DHTML toolbar, including filtering, sorting, and searching features, and also allows users to drill up or down into report data and access report properties. Below are examples of how the right-click menu can be used to modify reports on-the-fly.

Filter: The Filter command on the pop-up menu filters data in your report.

1. Move your cursor on the column in the Report Area on which you want to filter data, and then click the right mouse button.

Sort: The Sort ascending/Sort descending commands on the dynamic right-click menu sort records in a certain field.

1. Move your cursor on the column in the Report Area on which you want to sort records, and click the right mouse button.

2. Choose the Sort ascending or Sort descending command from the Context menu.

Drill Up/Drill Down: You can use the dynamic right-click menu to perform drill-up/drill-down operations, which provide higher- or lower-level views of data. To show the dynamic right-click menu, place your cursor anywhere on the report other than a page header or page footer and click the right mouse button. In the dynamic right-click menu, point to the Drill Down/Drill Up sub-menu and then pick the group you want to show. The report data will be re-loaded from the data buffer, showing only the records in the selected group.


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