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NuComm International Embeds JReport; Realizes Reduced Operating Costs and Increased Productivity
Petroleum Helicopters Deploys JReport to Facilitate Reporting on Business Operations and Materials Handling
April Tech Tip: Dynamic Queries

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NuComm International Embeds JReport;
Realizes Reduced Operating Costs and
Increased Productivity
  Petroleum Helicopters Deploys JReport to
Facilitate Reporting on Business Operations
and Materials Handling

NuComm International, Canada's most successful provider of customer relationship and contact center services, has embedded JReport to provide integrated and automated reporting functionality to its NuStar performance management platform. NuStar serves as a Process Management system for developing, launching, and managing both client and internal campaigns.

Prior to embedding JReport, NuComm's only means of reporting on customer projects was through the manual creation of Excel spreadsheets - a time consuming process that hindered analysts' efficiency and monopolized over half of their workday. Every morning, analysts had to gather data on customer projects from multiple, disconnected sources and report against the program's specifications and requirements. Spreadsheets were then emailed to client project managers as attachments. Because Excel does not support reusable components, each new report required regularly used formulas and calculations to be re-created specifically for that spreadsheet.

JReport frees NuComm analysts from Excel's cumbersome reporting environment by enabling them to rapidly create and dynamically modify reports through a DHTML interface that is seamlessly integrated with NuStar. Analysts can also use JReport to build commonly used formulas and calculations once and save them to a custom "catalog". Analysts can access that catalog at any time during the report creation or modification process and simply "drag and drop" saved formulas or calculations into reports, rather than have to re-write them by hand.

Bob Zahn, NuComm's Partner Manager, commented  on NuComm's improved reporting efficiency: "Using JReport, our analysts are able to build all of their frequently used formulas and calculations once and store them in a centralized location that can be used over and over again. Because reports can be generated and deployed so quickly, our analysts are now able to allocate time to other important tasks, rather than spend almost half the day in front of an open Excel spreadsheet."

JReport empowers NuComm analysts with the ability to create fully actionable reports via the web

By upgrading reporting functionality from Excel to JReport, analysts have cut report development time by 50%, and conserved more than $200,000 in operational expenses.


Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. (PHI) has selected JReport to provide reporting capabilities to their aviation ERP system. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, PHI is one of the world's leading helicopter services companies, providing aviation services to the offshore oil, onshore mining, international, air medical, and technical services industries.

PHI needed to integrate a solution with their ERP system that could report on critical business functions like operations, materials handling, and parts replacement and installation. On the recommendation of their ERP vendor, PHI tested and selected JReport to provide a Web-based system that would help PHI comply with FAA regulations by tracking inventory, parts installed and removed, labor, and aircraft records.

"JReport helps PHI streamline information delivery throughout their business," said Josh Gondwe, Enterprise Sales Manager for Jinfonet Software "PHI's IT department needed a reporting solution that was 100% Java and could be seamlessly embedded with their existing ERP system. End users needed a tool that provided multiple report export options and offered them the ability to drill-down on information to get more details. JReport was the only reporting solution that matched up to all of their rigorous back- and front-end requirements."

PHI at work in the Gulf of Mexico

JReport has helped PHI consolidate all of its total legacy reports into 50 reports that will be distributed via the Web in DHTML format. These reports are entirely actionable; end-users can dynamically sort, group, filter and search report data in real time, which eliminates the need to create a new report from scratch and gets users the information they want, when they want it.

JReport's on-demand information delivery capabilities have improved customer service by equipping employees with the knowledge they need to best respond to customer inquiries and needs, and PHI has noted that JReport's actionable reports enable faster decision making and have improved the overall flow of business communication across the entire enterprise.

Tech Tip of the Month:
Dynamic Queries

With JReport, developers can easily build queries using the JReport Query Editor or import existing SQL files. In both cases, queries are pre-defined. However, sometimes end users want to access different information at runtime. JReport's Dynamic Query feature gives users the ability to select the exact information they want at the time of report generation.

The Dynamic Query enables users to generate entirely new queries or modify existing queries through developer designed parameter pages or parameter dialogs. The parameter page lets users select the data relevant to their immediate needs.

The Dynamic Query feature allows users to obtain customized data views, alleviating the need to open multiple reports containing different data views. This flexibility makes report generation faster, and means that users spend more time working with mission critical information. Additionally, this feature decreases report design and development time by eliminating the need for developers to create a specific queries and reports for every possible data set.


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