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Cubist Pharmaceuticals Uses JReport to Drive Revenues
JReport Powers Unify's NXJ Application to Top Honors in eWeek Excellence Awards
May Tech Tip: Multiple DHTML Reports in One Window

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Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Uses JReport to Drive Revenues
  JReport Powers Unify NXJ to Top
Honors in eWeek Excellence Awards

CUBISTCubist Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CBST), makers of the antibiotic Cubicin, has embedded JReport reporting functionality into their sales force automation tool, which manages account details, account transactions, contacts, Cubicin sales data, and upcoming events.

JReport was the only reporting tool that was flexible enough to seamlessly integrate with the application and support its unique deployment model, which allows online and offline usage. In online usage mode, the user can browse a catalog that features a wide variety of report templates and select the one that best fits their current reporting needs. Reports created from templates are deployed via the application interface in DHTML and are fully actionable; end users can easily sort, filter and drill through reports in real-time to meet the specific data presentation requirements.

Offline usage is almost identical to online usage. Users can create static reports on sales data from any of the JReport templates that were pre-loaded on their remote computer using the most recently downloaded data. Once the computer is connected to the Cubist network, generated reports sync with the JReport server and immediately become actionable.

"We have been pleased with the capabilities achieved by our implementation of JReport," said Anthony Murabito, Cubist's Vice President of Information Technology. "JReport was quick and easy to install, and integrated seamlessly with our sales data mart. JReport's powerful reporting capabilities provide our field force with the ability to produce instant reports to manage both user and account level business activities."

By empowering sales representatives with real-time access to critical sales and operational data regardless of their location, the JReport-powered version of Cubist's sales force automation tool has helped drive Cubicin sales through better preparedness, planning and efficiency. 2004 fourth quarter Cubicin revenues are up 700% compared to fourth quarter 2003 numbers, and total revenue has increased from $3.7 million in 2003 to $58.6 million in 2004.


UNIFYUnify Corp. (OTCBB:UNFY), a leading provider of business process automation solutions including specialty vertical applications, announced in April 2005 that its JReport powered NXJ 10.5 application has won the top award for Business Integration Systems in eWeek Magazine's Fifth Annual Excellence Awards Program. The application provides functionality from several product categories including business process automation, web services, advanced collaboration and integration platforms. JReport provides the application with sophisticated reporting functionality; users can run and interact with customized reports on any data set generated by NXJ 10.5.

Unify selected JReport for integration into NXJ because of its industry-leading ability to provide actionable information through Web-based report deployment and ad hoc report creation. JReport provides the application with a wide range of functionality to dynamically modify report views via the Web. Data can be sorted, filtered, grouped, navigated, searched, or drilled-down on to view detailed information, drilled-up to view summary information, or drilled across to see data scope.

Dave Glende, Unify's CTO & Vice President of Strategy, commented on the integration: "JReport was a good fit for Unify NXJ because it is a 100% J2EE solution that delivers highly usable business information without the complexities of integration, management, and usage inherent in traditional analytical reporting solutions."

JReport's seamlessly integrated, intuitive user interface allows users to customize their view of data in order to glean valuable information. By doing so, users are able to make fast, accurate decisions, which increases employee efficiency and improves the overall speed of business.

Tech Tip of the Month:
Multiple DHTML Reports in One Window

Imagine you have been tasked with designing reports for a presentation on corporate sales. The company's financial analyst wants to see financial results for the 3rd quarter for the past four years. The Vice President of Sales wants to see sales results for four key sales regions, but also needs to compare the sales results from the past three months with average quarterly sales from the past year. How can you provide your colleagues with access to the reports they need without having to toggle between multiple report windows during the presentation?

To address situations that require simultaneous access to several reports, JReport is able display multiple DHTML reports in the same browser window. Users can interact with multiple reports at the same time, which provides better insight into data relationships and enables a better understanding of complex business metrics.

JReport offers a demo that will give you a better understanding of how to run multiple reports in a single browser window. To experience the demo:

  1. Locate the installation directory <JREntServer_Home>.
  2. In the <JREntServer_Home>\help\en\srv-material> directory, open "MultipleReports.zip".
  3. Extract "MutipleReports.zip" to <JREntServer_Home>/public_html>.
  4. Access JReport Enterprise Server using <http://IP:Port/test.jsp>; for example, <http://localhost:8888/test.jsp>. The example code to display the four reports is in the "folder.jsp" file.

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