June 2005   
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JReport Helps The McIntosh Group Streamline Operations, Drive Customer ROI
Jinfonet Enters a Strategic Alliance with Harlock to Distribute JReport in Italy
June Tech Tip: Outer Joins

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JReport Helps The McIntosh Group
Streamline Operations, Drive Customer ROI
  Jinfonet Enters a Strategic Alliance
with Harlock to Distribute JReport in Italy

MclntoshThe McIntosh Group, one of the nation's leading architectural and process management firms, recently embedded JReport reporting functionality into its online database. The integration empowers project managers, architects and clients with the ability to view project data through fully actionable, completely customizable reports that can be created and modified through any web interface.

JReport was selected because it was the only 100% Java solution that provided the on the fly, ad-hoc report creation functionality that end-users demanded, and did so through an intuitive, web-based interface that could be easily accessed anywhere in the world. JReport enables users to customize reports in real-time by defining or modifying report parameters at run time to maximize the report's relevance. Once deployed, reports are fully actionable; users can sort, filter, or group data, or drill down, up or across data to see summary information, details, or scope.

The solution not only makes report creation flexible, but also secure. JReport's security API automatically authenticates users against the McIntosh Group's existing security scheme, and then authorizes them to access and report on appropriate data. This ensures that users are able to access the information that is critical to their position and current project, but are prohibited from reporting on information that may not be appropriate for them to view.

"JReport was the only reporting solution that provided the flexibility, security and ease of embedding that we required, said Kim Barnes, an IT/Program Manager with the McIntosh Group. "The ability to create and modify ad-hoc reports through a web interface has been of tremendous value to our team and to our clients. Because we are able to view project specific data in real-time from anywhere in the world, we are able to ensure that projects are being completed correctly and on-schedule. JReport has been a key component in our mission to streamline the design and build process and drive strong ROI and customer satisfaction."

Response towards JReport has been very positive; because the integration has proven so successful in the completion of this project, The McIntosh Group plans to make JReport a permanent part of project monitoring operations.


Jinfonet Software has expanded European operations by entering into a strategic alliance with H@rlock, an Italian IT company focused on providing clients with superior software and hardware solutions, as well as expert implementation and consulting services. The partnership gives H@rlock the right to sell and service JReport, Jinfonet's flagship product, in the Italian market.

"We are excited to be part of the Jinfonet family and are looking forward to long, mutually beneficial relationship," said Huub Commandeur, Amministratore Delegato (CEO) of H@rlock. "From its inception, H@rlock has been committed to providing clients with only the best IT solutions. Because JReport is the most powerful, embeddable, easy to use Java reporting tool available, it fits perfectly with that commitment. It will be an excellent addition to our already strong arsenal of IT products and services."

Jinfonet initiated a partnership with H@rlock in response to an increased need for Business Intelligence (BI) in the worldwide market. Gartner, leading analysts of the IT industry, estimate that the worldwide BI market will reach $29B by 2006, and that nearly 80% of end-users state that reporting is their #1 BI need.

"Companies operating in the European market are demanding better BI, especially reporting." said John Gularson, Jinfonet's EVP. "Hundreds of companies have already learned that JReport is the easiest, most cost effective way to strengthen their applications with intuitive, powerful, completely interactive reporting capabilities, and through our partnership with H@rlock, we are looking forward to empowering Italian companies with JReport.

The alliance is part of Jinfonet's strategic expansion outside of the US. Jinfonet reaches worldwide customers through partnerships with IT and consulting companies in Europe, mainland Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

Tech Tip of the Month:
Outer Joins

Outer joins enable a report to present all of the records from a main table even if the record from the main table does not match the key on the second table. This is contrary to inner joins, which only display records that contain keys from both tables.

For example, if we want to show a complete customer list and add total sales for each customer, we must use an outer join, because if we use an inner join on Customers and Orders where CUSTOMER_ID = ORDERS_CUSTOMER_ID, we will not see any customers who don't have orders. To create this report using an outer join:

  1. Select the customers table and orders table, drag the mouse from CUSTOMER_ID to ORDERS_CUSTOMER_ID to execute a basic join.
  2. Double click the = sign on the join connector and select "Outer Join" and "Left."
  3. Now we need to select the desired CUSTOMER columns. In theGroup section we will select CUST_FIRST_NAME and CUST_LAST_NAME, and on the Summary panel we select the sum of ORDER_TOTAL.
  4. Next, we will use JReport Designer to hide the Detail section and Group Headers, and pull the details fields down to the Group Footer Panel.
  5. Click the View tab. Using an outer join, we have created a report that shows all customers, and lists the associated order totals. Note that all records are present, even those that do not have an associated order total.


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