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October 2005
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- TicketWeb Selects JReport to Open a New Window for Improved Reporting
- Unify Selects JReport to Power its NXJ 10.6 Business Process Automation Platform
- October Tech Tip
- Company Update

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- Jinfonet will be exhibiting at Ascential's annual conference, now named IBM Information Integration Live, from November 13th–15th in Las Vegas.
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TicketWeb Selects JReport to Open a New Window for Improved Reporting

TicketWeb LogoTicketWeb, the leading provider of online event ticketing software and services, has enhanced TicketWeb 2.0, its proprietary box office operations solution with the powerful reporting functionality offered by JReport.

TicketWeb enables venue or event promoters to perform a full range of box-office operations over the Internet, using any Web browser. By embedding JReport into its application, TicketWeb clients can now create detailed, customized reports on their business and revenue from operations such as gate fees, online ticket sales and in-house ticket sales.

TicketWeb was impressed by JReport's comprehensive and efficient technical and sales support teams.

JReport will provide greatly improved reporting so event venues can accurately forecast costs, staffing needs, as well as plan for optimal ticket pricing and sales window management. The accurate and timely reporting of information will also benefit TicketWeb clients by helping them create focused and effective traditional and online marketing campaigns to promote their events.

With its unique needs for quick, accurate and actionable reporting, JReport is the ideal reporting tool for TicketWeb. JReport's seamless integration and quick deployment means the TicketWeb can realize significant reporting benefits quickly with minimal training or IT support.

The addition of JReport will provide a powerful new tool for TicketWeb's offering, resulting in better customer service, improved decision-making, smoother business flow and stronger profits for its clients.

Unify Selects JReport to Power its NXJ 10.6 Business Process Automation Platform

Unify LogoUnify Corporation has selected Jinfonet's JReport to power Unify NXJ 10.6, its award-winning business process automation platform.

The NXJ product line was designed to meet the demand for an application platform able to integrate people, processes and information with all aspects of the business. Using the NXJ platform, businesses can automate processes within and between organizations and enterprises, consolidate multiple legacy systems into unified composite applications and provide advanced collaborative information systems for distributed teams and workforces.

JReport's robust reporting and analytics capabilities will deliver visibility into the critical information customers need to improve their business. JReport allows NXJ users to easily and dynamically modify report views via the Web. Using a set of intuitive tools, data can be sorted, filtered, grouped, navigated, searched and drilled into to view detailed, summary or scope information.

JReport's small program footprint and ease of embedding placed it above other reporting solutions and led to its selection by Unify.

JReport was the only 100% Java reporting solution able to deliver useful business information without the complexities of integration, management, and usage inherent in traditional analytical reporting solutions.

"Information is the currency of business process management," said John Gularson, Executive Vice President for Jinfonet. "JReport delivers important information in an extremely useful and easy to manage format so users at all levels can tune operations and make better business decisions."

Embedding JReport in Unify's NJX platform means its customers now have a powerful business tool for obtaining visibility into how their business functions.

An evaluation of the JReport powered Unify NXJ 10.6 product is available at www.unify.com.

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Tech Tip of the Month: JReport's Real Path Resource

Tired of re-deploying resources you have already deployed? Or deploying the same resources to multiple JReport Servers? Try JReport's Real Path Resource feature!

JReport's support of dynamic resource publishing saves time and simplifies the deployment process. Using this feature is as easy as specifying a path for a virtual folder and then maintaining resources in that folder. To enable resources to be obtained from a real path, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the JReport Server Admin console.
  2. Within the 'Configuration' properties, click on the 'Advanced' tab and select the 'Enable Resource from Real Path' property. Then restart JReport Server. [NOTE: this property is disabled by default. To obtain resources from the real path, this option must be checked].
  3. On the JReport Server user interface, click on the 'Public Reports' link and then on the 'Local Deploy' link. On the "Deployment Settings" dialog, select 'Folder' as the Resource Type and specify the 'Resource Name'. Then click 'Submit', which will deploy this folder to the root directory.
  4. Return to the 'Public Reports' folder and click on the 'Properties' link for the newly created folder. Check "Enable Resource from Real Path" property and specify the 'Resource Real Path', which is the parent directory for the location of your resources (ex: C:\JReportDesigner\Demo\Reports).

Once you refresh the JReport Server interface page, your resources will be dynamically published to the Server. Each time a report is added, modified or deleted in the specified Real Path folder, those changes will be dynamically reflected on the server.

This feature is particularly useful when: (1) Resources are frequently modified; (2) Report designers want to preview reports in DHTML, or others; (3) Multiple JReport Servers are being used to access the same resources.

Company Update

Jinfonet has made some important changes to its management team. The company promoted John Gularson to executive vice president, overseeing operations including sales and support. Shuyan Liu was promoted to Chief Technology Officer. The promotion was based on Liu's technical direction for Jinfonet since 1998. Jinfonet also added Fred Richards to the team as its vice president of marketing. Richards joins Jinfonet with more than 9 years experience with business intelligence and enterprise software.

More information about the management team members can be found at https://www.jinfonet.com/corporate/team.htm.

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