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December 2005
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- JReport Meets Unify's Need for Java-based Reporting in its new NXJ 11 Integrated Application Platform
- December Tech Tip
- Jinfonet Announces General Availability of JReport 7.2
- Holiday Message

JReport 7.2 is here!
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- Jinfonet featured in Washington Post TechWorking - Washington Post
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- Jinfonet Announces General Availability of JReport 7.2

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JReport Meets Unify's Need for Java-based Reporting in its new NXJ 11 Integrated Application Platform

UnifyUnify Corporation a leading provider of business process automation solutions has decided to embed JReport into Unify NXJ 11, the award-winning integrated application platform that Unify made generally available in November 2005. With the addition of JReport Unify delivers visibility into the critical information its customers need to further improve their businesses.

The NXJ product line was developed to meet customer demand for an application platform that integrates people, processes and information with all aspects of the business. It enables customers to automate processes within and between organizations and enterprises, consolidate multiple legacy systems into unified composite applications and provide advanced collaborative information systems for distributed teams and workforces.

"JReport was the only 100 percent Java reporting solution able to deliver useful business information without the complexities of integration, management and usage inherent in traditional analytical reporting solutions," said Dave Glende, CTO of Unify.

As customers use NXJ 11 to map, model and build business processes, JReport will serve as the dashboard to display where processes are bottlenecked or stopped. This insight allows customers to quickly identify and fix issues impeding business operations.

JReport allows NXJ users to easily and dynamically modify report views via the Web. Using JReport's intuitive reporting tools, data can be sorted, filtered, grouped, navigated, searched and analyzed.

Said Dave Glende, CTO of Unify, "We wanted users to get maximum value when deploying NXJ 11, and providing visual dashboards helps clients better understand what their business processes are and how well they're functioning. JReport's powerful, easy to use reporting capabilities, combined with our new platform, provide end users with a tremendous business process automation offering."

Unify required a flexible and open report deployment and delivery system that was easily integrated into and branded with its own offering. JReport's small program footprint and ease of embedding separated it from other reporting solutions and led to its selection by Unify.

An evaluation of the Unify NXJ 11 product including JReport is now available for download at www.unify.com.

See how other Jinfonet customers are using JReport:
Tech Tip: Self-contained JReport Enterprise Server Package

Tired of manually building JReport WAR/EAR files? JReport 7.2 offers a utility to easily generate self-contained WAR/EAR files. Self-contained WAR/EAR files include all necessary JReport Enterprise Server runtime information and can be deployed to any J2EE compliant application server. JReport Enterprise Server no longer needs to be installed on the application server machine, nor does the installation root have to be the location of the 'reporthome' folder. 

The location of the 'reporthome' folder, which is used to save JReport Enterprise Server system data and configuration information, can now be specified. The jrenv.jar, which is automatically generated in the EAR/WAR file, will be extracted at runtime to the specified location where JReport Enterprise Server will read and write. To learn more about the self-contained JReport Enterprise Server feature and how to use it, click here.


Holiday Message

It has been a productive year for Jinfonet; including a number of significant accomplishments and additions. We have many new customers and partners, and continued to expand our talented Jinfonet team. New versions of JReport have been released and exciting product enhancements and releases are on the horizon. 

As the holiday season arrives and the closing of this year quickly approaches, I want to wish you a happy and healthy new year on behalf of everyone at Jinfonet.

Thank you for your all your support. We look forward to working together in 2006!

Dr. Bing Yao
Founder and CEO

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