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March 2006
ANNOUNCING: JReport Deployment Scenarios

In This Issue:
- Expand Your End-User's Ability to View and Analyze Business Data in Real Time
- JReport Tech Tip: Managing Version Control in JReport
- ANNOUNCING: JReport Deployment Scenarios
- Your Opinion Counts – Please Take our Newsletter Survey
- JReport Solutions Spotlight – How Leading Retailers Deliver Actionable Information

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JReport in the News:
- Jinfonet Software, Composite Solutions Partnership offer Java Based JReport OnDemand Integration
- Spectrum Systems Adds JReport To Its GSA Schedule
- Additional News Coverage

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Expand Your End-User's Ability to View and Analyze Business Data in Real Time

JReport, the leading embedded reporting solution for Java applications, and Composite Software, the leader in on-demand data integration, have partnered to offer a new joint solution: JReport OnDemand Integration. The companies will co-market and co-sell the new reporting solution with out-of-the-box information integration capabilities.

The new joint product addresses customers' demand to embed reporting and operational business intelligence into all types of applications and systems. Virtually all applications can benefit from improved reporting and data presentation, and by partnering the leader in Java-based reporting with the leader in enterprise information integration (EII), customers will have access to a powerful reporting solution that can be tightly integrated with data sources throughout their organization.

Composite SoftwareComposite's Enterprise Information Integration (EII) technology allows companies to find, access, combine, and deliver on-demand information from critical data sources located in disparate sources across the enterprise, including SAP, Siebel, and Oracle applications. Composite's solutions enable companies to deploy enterprise data services within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Web services, or simply using a traditional SQL-based approach. Information can now be presented as a single data-services layer to enable developers to easily build information applications.

By combining Composite's EII technology with JReport's sophisticated reporting solution, joint customers can create reports based on information that spans multiple applications and sources, allowing a more comprehensive picture of business operations. With the growing number of data sources in today's IT environment, data integration is an ever-important requirement. Click here for more information

JReport Tech Tip:
Managing Version Control in JReport

When running or scheduling a report, a report or result version can be saved to JReport Enterprise Server. In order to maintain the version system, it is important to delete versions from time to time. JReport offers several features to facilitate management of the version system: Archive and Auto-Delete. By applying auto-archive and auto-delete policies, report versions will be retained for a specified period of time and will then be automatically deleted.

JReport's Archive Policy is used to control resource versions maintained. The archive policy can be applied to an individual resource (report) or to many resources within a folder. The property is used to specify the maximum number of versions that can be saved for each report. If the number of versions exceeds the number specified in the archive policy, the oldest version will be automatically deleted.

If no archive policy is specified for a resource, the resource will inherit the archive policy from its parent object. If at some point, an archive policy is specified for that resource, the new archive policy will override that of the parent object.

JReport's Auto-Delete properties control the duration that result versions will be saved before deletion. The property is used to specify a designated period of time to keep versions. The version will be automatically removed after the number of days or date specified.

JReport Deployment Scenarios

JReport seamlessly integrates into any Java application to provide sophisticated and powerful reporting functionality. The flexibility of the JReport architecture allows for integration within varied application architectures, from a simple client/server application to a full-scale enterprise application. This paper describes some of the most common application deployment scenarios and how JReport can be seamlessly embedded as a natural extension. Click here for full paper

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JReport Solutions Spotlight – How Leading Retailers Deliver Actionable Information

Retail LogoWe'd like to share with you why over 1,000,000 business users at more than 900 companies worldwide, including retail leaders like Target, Avon and Flying J, are relying on JReport every day to solve information delivery issues for critical facets of their business, including:

Accelerating the information flow of enterprise-wide Point of Sale (POS) data
Improving supply chain management practices
Gaining insight into customer buying patterns, product movement and vendor procurement

Are you encountering challenges other development teams face when tasked with delivering a flexible reporting solution based upon traditional BI infrastructure?

BI infrastructure managed by different groups across the enterprise
Missing project deadlines due to inability to integrate with multiple data stores
Maintaining security requirements for business user access to various data sources
Managing scalable reporting functionality across a distributed enterprise environment

We invite you to learn how JReport, the leading 100% pure Java-based embedded reporting solution is empowering applications with robust reporting functionality and helping these organizations deliver mission critical business information. Please take our Embedded Reporting Quick Tour and contact your Jinfonet Sales Representative at sales@jinfonet.com today!

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