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October 2006
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- JReport Enables VFA Mezzia with Dashboard Views of Actual Versus Planned Spending
- Jinfonet Hires J.R. Atkinson to Run Its Professional Services Team
- JReport Tech Tip: Creating URL-Based Links with JHyperLink

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- Actimize Embeds JReport into Actimize Case Manager 3.0
- JReport has Been Embedded into Actimize Case Manager 3.0
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JReport Enables VFA Mezzia with Dashboard Views of Actual Versus Planned Spending
VFA Embeds JReport into Mezzia Capital Spend Management Software

VFA, Inc announced recently that it has embedded Jinfonet's JReport into its Mezzia capital spend management software. VFA is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management. Its Mezzia product enables organizations to manage the entire capital spending process by streamlining budget creation, requisition processing, purchasing and reconciliation of expenditures.

VFA employed JReport to enhance the presentation of reports with Mezzia and present complex information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. VFA also uses JReport to provide Mezzia users with a dashboard view of the status of capital spending - including actual versus planned spending - and enable managers to drill down into dashboard items for further details about expense categories.

Mezzia selected JReport because JReport provided the easiest and most seamless integration on the Java platform. The high quality of JReport product and support services enabled VFA to complete the integration of JReport into the Mezzia product in less than three months! Full Story >>

Jinfonet Hires J.R. Atkinson
to Run Its Professional
Services Team
Industry Veteran with 20+ Years Experience Joins Jinfonet as Director of Professional Services

Jiinfonet has brought J.R. Atkinson on board as the company's director of professional services. Mr. Atkinson has more than 20 years experience delivering and managing engagements for professional services and software product companies.

Prior to joining Jinfonet, he held leadership positions at numerous companies in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Most recently, he managed product development, sales and operational support teams for TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSYS), a company that provides real-time wireless market data to customers worldwide. His team was distributed throughout the United States and Europe.

Mr. Atkinson has also served as the vice president of professional services for Aether Systems (NASDAQ: AETH), where he was responsible for the management of engineering and professional services teams across multiple geographic locations. He was responsible for domestic and international package implementations, consulting engagements and custom solutions based on Aether's mobile and wireless software products for Fortune 1000 customers. Full Story >>

JReport Tech Tip: Creating URL-Based Links with JHyperLink

JReport's JHyperLink feature allows you to embed a URL-based link in a report. The link can be to any valid URL, such as a web page, or even another report published to the same JReport Enterprise Server. The JHyperLink feature is a fast and powerful way to integrate reporting with your Java application.

The Report1 report, viewable at https://www.jinfonet.com/, has a set of links implemented as JHyperLink, see the "Shipper" column. Note that when you "mouse over" the column, you see a URL string in the browser preview that will pass a series of parameters to the JReport subreport.

Each of the Shipper column links brings up another report that contains the details of that shipper, for example:

To add a URL-based link, you will need to know the URL of the published report. JReport Enterprise Server provides URL command to perform different operations related to the report. Click here for information of how to construct a URL to invoke a report.

This example could also be implemented using subreports, but subreports are automatically run at the same time as the master report. With JHyperlinks, the linked report is only invoked when the hyperlink is clicked. Therefore, the master report won't incur the performance cost of running a subreport unless the end user actually requests the subreport.

For maximum flexibility, JHyperlink is implemented as a UDO (User Defined Object). Use the Insert UDO dialog (Insert > UDO) and choose JHyperLink to insert the JHyperLink UDO under the Shipper column in the report:

Then in the Report Inspector, set the URL and ExecClassName properties to invoke the Shipper Information report dynamically. Also set the displayValue properties to show the database field values in that column.

For example:

For more information about JHyperLink functionality, click here.

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