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December 2007
In This Issue:
- Jinfonet Announces GA of JReport 8.2!
- Case Study: KANA Customer Service Software Reporting Delivered by JReport
- Partner Corner: This Issue's Featured Partner
- JReport Tech Tip: Utilizing New 8.2 Features to Enhance Report Design Experience

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JReport 8.2 is Now Generally Available - See the Latest Features and Enhancements Today!

JReport 8.2 JReport 8.2   Jinfonet Software announces the release of JReport 8.2. This new version of the leading 100% Java reporting solution makes further enhancements to the usability, performance, footprint, and introduces many advanced features that improve the report designer's and end user's experience.

JReport 8.2 Highlights:
  - DHTML Pipeline provides quicker access to reports and improves the rendering performance.
- Dynamic charts exported to excel link charts to data cells.
- Report sections can now be expanded and collapsed; for example expanding/collapsing 'USA' to show/hide all states.
- More report elements, such as labels, images and special fields to enhance ad hoc reporting functionality.
- Report queries can automatically be converted to a report cube for direct as hoc use.
- Report bursting is now supported; reports can be disseminated to recipients in all export formats.
- Quick help delivered via new ToolTips for all report designer elements.
- 2D charts can now be displayed in 3D.
- Performance improved in several key areas by as much as 49%.
- The JReport Web viewer is simplified to show only the most frequently used commands. Users can switch to advanced mode for more report and analysis commands.
- Integration with application servers has been made easier; users can access both remote integration and standalone JReport Enterprise Sever via HTTP.

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Case Study:
KANA Customer Service Software Reporting Delivered by JReport

KANA"JReport stood out for a number of reasons. For KANA, the level of support from Jinfonet through the evaluation process and beyond has been outstanding. The tech support person that we have been working with over the last 2 years is very, very good - knowledgeable and responsive. I deal with a lot of vendors and truly I can say that Jinfonet support is head and shoulders above every other vendor."

- Vikas Nehru, VP of Products for KANA

KANA Overview
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, KANA is a leading provider of customer service solutions for email, call center and web. The aim of their solutions is to simplify customer service while infusing intelligence into every customer interaction by providing real-time guidance and advice. Reporting is an essential component of KANA's customer service intelligence delivery, so when KANA made the decision to work with a new reporting vendor, they chose JReport.

The Need for Robust, Scalable Reporting
The KANA Software product line included a popular Windows based reporting component prior to JReport; however there were shortcomings that led KANA to initiate the process of looking at alternative solutions. KANA was clear on the criteria they sought in a reporting tool that would meet or exceed their expectations:

  - Setup and implementation needed to be easier and faster.
- Reports needed to be more intuitive for end users to work with.
- The ability to run ad hoc reports and quickly change the report settings for custom reports: Type of report, data selection, report scheduling, etc.

Click here to read the full case study.

Partner Corner: Objective Software GMBH

Objective Software GMBHOverview - Objective Software GMBH partners with Jinfonet Software, focusing on several European markets, including Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. In business since 1998, Objective has become an established IT support, system integration and software development company.

Objective has long been successfully engaged in IT consulting and in the realization of industrial IT systems and embedded software, focusing on B2B and B2C solutions for the financial services and telecommunications industries, serving customers such as T-Systems, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank and Allianz Insurance.

Jinfonet would like to recognize Objective Software GMBH for their commitment to delivering exceptional results to their customers, and also for their dedication to its partnership with Jinfonet. Click here for more information.

JReport Tech Tip:
8.2 Features That Will Enhance Report Design Experience

JReport Tech Tip

Interested in more details on the new features under the hood of JReport 8.2? Here is a deeper look at what's inside.


Report Bursting
Dynamic Charts
Queue Control

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