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November 2009
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- JReport 9.1 is Now Generally Available
- Tech Tip - Split PDF Files for Email Attachment

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JReport 9.1 is Now Generally Available
Jinfonet Software announces the General Availability of JReport 9.1, providing JReport Cloud and JReport for Eclipse, plus other enhancements.

JReport CloudJReport Cloud provides agility for rapidly and inexpensively re-provisioning infrastructure resources, greatly reduces the cost on hardware, software, and services when users pay only for what they use. JReport Cloud has the ability to easily scale up with customers' needs, and offers the high availability and high reliability with task level load balancing and failover based on JReport clustering technology. JReport Enterprise Server can be easily deployed in a Cloud with the support of Amazon EC2, KVM or VMware. JReport Cloud provides the full power of JReport Server including report bursting, page-level security, dashboards, dynamic reporting and analysis and many other features for enhanced usability, scalability and enterprise deployment.

JReport for Eclipse (JR4E) JReport for Eclipse (JR4E)
is a free JReport add-on that provides Eclipse users a convenient platform for developing both applications and reports at the same time. Users can easily design reports via an Eclipse-style interactive user interface. JR4E is very easy to use with single click deployment and DHTML report preview so that Eclipse users can test and debug the project intuitively which greatly accelerates the development cycle.

JR4E supports many report components including tabular layouts, crosstabs, charts, banded layouts, labels, images, formulas, parameters, etc. Intuitive wizards are provided to speed the design of report components. In addition, JR4E supports advanced reporting features such as imported SQL and stored procedure data sources, custom CSS styles, shared datasets with filters, report linking, and more.

JR4E can take full advantage of the scalable, high performance JReport Server giving you a more feature rich and mature reporting solution than open source products while keeping the complexity and cost lower than traditional Business Intelligence platforms.

JReport 9.1 is now available for immediate delivery. For more information, visit www.jinfonet.com or call (240) 477-1000.
Tech Tip - Split PDF Files for Email Attachment
When sending a report via e-mail as a PDF file attachment, the email may be blocked if the report exceeds the mail attachment limit. Now users can specify to split the PDF file by file size or by number of pages to avoid the size limit block.

To specify spliting the PDF file, please follow the steps below:
  1. Launch JReport Enterprise Server, then log into JReport Administration Console (default port 8889).
  2. Click Configuration on the system toolbar, then click Export tab, and then click E-mail tab.
  3. Fill in the SMTP server information and check the checkbox before Split PDF. Select Maximum Split PDF File Size, and then input the proper value to limit the attachment size. Or select Maximum Split PDF File Page, and then input a proper value to limit the attachment pages.
  4. Click Save to save the configuration.
  5. Log into JReport Server Console (default port 8888), select one of your testing reports, then select Schedule.
  6. Switch to the Publish tab, then select To E-mail tab, click New button, input the necessary information, and check the checkbox before Attachment in PDF Format, input the PDF file name then click OK and Finish.
Now you can check the Inbox of the recipient, the big PDF file will be split into several individual E-mails based on the file size or number of pages according in your settings.
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