Jinfonet Newsletter - March 2011

High Performing Visualization for Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications: Why JReport is a Great FitWednesday, March 23, 2011, 2 PM (EST)

JReport can provide your company with highly visual, interactive dashboards and reports with high performance, reliability, and scalability. Learn why enterprises like IBM, Target, and Visa have successfully embedded JReport into their enterprise application for critical business needs and took advantage of JReport's low total cost of ownership. Learn this and more as we demo JReport's interactive charts, dashboards, and mapping that enhance data visualization.

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Unleash the Power of Advanced Visualization and Ad Hoc Reporting

Unleash the Power of Advanced Visualization and Ad Hoc ReportingWednesday, April 6, 2011, 2 PM (EST)

Still looking at static reports? Join us as we demonstrate JReport's interactive reporting and dashboards, using instant filters, sorting, drilling, rich chart types, cross tab operations, and more. See how users can quickly and easily access their data and use Ad Hoc Reporting to modify existing report templates as well as create new dashboards and reports.

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Evologics Chooses JReport

Evologics creates Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) software that enables customers to drive their business to excellence. In preparation for a new product release, Evologics required a reporting and dashboard module that easily integrated into existing code, had a large number of features and matched anticipated high load demands, all while fitting within the company's budget. Prior to purchasing JReport, they had been processing data and running reports for hundreds of customers on a homegrown system. JReport's ad hoc reporting now allows end users to research their own data and view any level of data from high level dashboards to the lowest level of detail. Evologics' customers can use self-service reporting to modify existing templates and create new reports and dashboards. With JReport, the decision makers within Evologics' customer base are able to make better business choices and spend time focusing on reaching business excellence in their respective markets.

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Tech Tip: Learn How to Avoid Repeated Table Headers When Exporting to Excel

Have you ever been frustrated by repetitive table headers after exporting your report to excel? Find out how JReport has resolved this issue.

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