JinfoNEWS 01-2013

January 2013

Designing Better Dashboards
Dashboards are a hot topic and are referenced by almost every BI vendor and analyst. However, there is a lot of confusion about what dashboards are and how they are implemented. Is a dashboard a portal style interface where the user can choose what components or even applications are viewable? Is a dashboard simply a report displayed in a browser with some charts and tables? Should a dashboard contain aggregate information or detailed data? Read more...
JReport Summit 2013
Join us for a 1-day online conference to gain deeper insights into the newest features of JReport. Be the first to learn about new products. Pick up best practices from our expert speakers, see demos of our products in action, find out how others are benefiting from the power of JReport, and help shape future product direction. Register for free today!
Blog Article:
OLAP solutions have been available for quite a while, but now better solutions are enabled by fast cpus and low cost memory. JReport leverages these resources for fast real-time, in-memory data analysis. More...
Webinar Highlights:
Didn't have time to attend our "Visualization and Dashboards with JReport" webinar this month? Not to worry, you can always catch the full recordings on our website, or check out highlights here.