JinfoNEWS: 08-2014 Highlights

August 2014

Join Us: Embedded Analytics and Big Data Visualization inside Any App

Sept 17, 2:00 PM ET

Give your end users customized Big Data visualization and analytics capabilities by seamlessly embedding JReport into your OEM or SaaS applications. Get the freedom to customize reports and dashboards to blend into your host applications. Learn how your end users can benefit from advanced Big Data visualization, geo analysis, ad hoc reporting and visual analysis capabilities.

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EMA Radar for Business Intelligence Platforms for Mid-Sized Organizations

Jinfonet Software’s vendor profile highlights key areas of JReport that allowed it to achieve a top Value Leader ranking among other BI vendors in the EMA Radar report.

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MongoDB Reporting and Visualization

Connecting to NoSQL databases like MongoDB that store Big Data is a snap. Read about how to use JReport’s native MongoDB connector to visualize and analyze data for better business insights.

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JReport Product Demo

In-Depth Tour

Want to get a first-hand look at JReport? Check out key features in our in-depth video tour of JReport 13 anytime.

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Understanding Your Big Data with Visual Analysis

August Webinar

JReport 13 can help you understand your Big Data with Visual Analysis. See how this ad hoc tool enables self-service interactive data analysis and gain deeper insights into your Big Data.

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