JinfoNEWS: 09-2015 Highlights

September 2015

Check out our “Industry Focus” blog series with analysis of different industries and their reporting BI needs. JReport is now partnered with Procentive, a behavioral health software provider. Check our blog for more upcoming posts! And make sure to register for our October webinar on “Embedding a Reporting Engine into Your Application”.

Join Us: Embedding a Reporting Engine into Your Application

Upcoming Webinar

See how to seamlessly integrate JReport’s high-performance, scalable reporting engine directly into your application to visualize data from any database. Empower your business users with powerful dashboards, geo analysis, ad hoc reporting and data analysis capabilities.

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Procentive Selects JReport as BI Solution for Behavioral Health Providers

Press Release

Procentive EHR software works with JReport to empower mental health organizations with ad hoc reporting and dashboards.

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Industry Focus: Learning Analytics and Reporting for E-Learning Software

Blog Article

See why e-learning software platforms use JReport to embed learning analytics into their software applications and why BI and reporting are essential for modern education.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Embedded Reporting Tool

Blog Article

Looking for the right embedded reporting tool that will get the job done? See these 5 tips on choosing a reporting tool that will easily embed into your application.

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Build Java Reporting and Dashboards into Your Applications

September Webinar

Learn how JReport can seamlessly embed interactive Web reports, dashboards and data analysis directly into your Java application with data from any database. Customize reporting elements, and integrate JReport into your application servers and security systems.

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