JinfoNEWS: 06-2016 Highlights

June 2016

Take our 5 minute survey on Expanding the Benefits of Analytics. You’ll receive a copy of the survey results AND a chance to win an Amazon Echo! Watch our upcoming webinar on how reusable reporting templates can benefit everyone across the enterprise. Next, check out our latest Ebook to figure out the best path to embedded analytics—buy or build! We’ve also got a new blog article on how to avoid pitfalls when crafting dashboards. Finally, check out our past webinar on advanced report design.

Expanding the Benefits of Analytics


Take our 5 minute survey on Expanding the Benefits of Analytics. This quick survey will help those in the BI industry understand how organizations use analytics. Participants will receive a free copy of the results and the chance to win an Amazon Echo!

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Enabling Reusable Reports and Dashboards Through Embedded Analytics


Learn how embedded analytics on any data source enables reusability for report and dashboard creation. Developers and end users work more efficiently through a model of creating once and reusing repeatedly.

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Buying vs. Building: The Best Path to Embedded Analytics


One of the most common issues that we hear from customers needing to provide business intelligence and analytics capabilities is whether it makes more sense to: A) develop a custom-built solution themselves, or B) license a commercial solution to embed in their software application.

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3 Goal Setting Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Dashboards


Learn how dangerous goal-setting malpractices in your dashboards may be leading you in the wrong direction.

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Empowering BI Users with Advanced Report Design

June Webinar

Watch how BI users craft compelling reports and analyze data that deliver a gold mine of information.

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