March 2017 Highlights

Check out our new content from this month. Understand how enterprises are securing their reporting capabilities, and find out what performance features matter and why. We also have an upcoming webinar on best practices when embedding reports & dashboards into Web applications. Lastly, check out our recent webinar on using JavaScript for powerful and secure embedded analytics. Enjoy!

Best Practices in Embedding Reports & Dashboards into Web Applications

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As an application owner, avoid hidden pitfalls when providing in-context analytics and empower your users with the insights they need from their business data.

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Java reporting

Addressing Security and Authentication for Embedding Reports and Dashboards Within Your Application


This article details several key factors in addressing user authentication for embedded analytics so your next project delivers secure value.

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Technology Performance In Context


This eBook discusses how the performance of individual components of technology only matters as much as they directly help business.

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Using JavaScript to Embed Reports & Dashboards into Applications

March Webinar

Business applications can achieve greater usability by providing in-context insights into its business data. Learn about how to use JavaScript to embed visualizations into any Web application.

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