Embedded Reporting Tools
For Your Applications

Embedded Analytics

JReport is a reporting and visualization solution that provides highly customizable embedded analytics for web applications. With JReport, any application can empower end users to visualize, navigate and interact with their data. Now any user can take advantage of cutting-edge interfaces and functionalities from within the context of their application.

Any Architecture

JReport works in public, private and hybrid cloud environments or in on-premises servers. It also supports SaaS deployments. You can easily integrate JReport and embed analytics into your software applications as part of the product offerings you provide to your customers.

Any Application

JReport supports both Java and non-Java host applications based on any development language or platform. JReport’s entire feature set is supported equally without any need to modify your existing application, its architecture or operating environment.

Any Model of Integration

JReport supports all models of integration with your application. This includes front end and back end integration, local and remote integration with a rich set of JavaScript APIs and Java APIs. You have the flexibility to select the integration approach most suitable for your system architecture.

Fully Customizable UI

The JReport UI is fully customizable using CSS to control the look, format, style and the availability of certain features. Using National Language Support (NLS) the system can work in different national languages simultaneously to support international applications. Extensive customization can be applied to the JReport product UI, report UI, as well as metadata and actual data.

Rich Visualization

Quick Start

Instantly create visualizations and tables. It’s as simple as choosing a data source, then one-click to convert from a table to any type of chart. Fine tune the visualization properties conveniently from the same user interface, and even save it for reuse by other users when creating dashboards later.

Quick Start in Action

Instant Dashboards

Combine tables, crosstabs, charts, interactive analysis and maps from JReport’s managed library of shared widgets. Intuitive drag-and-drop makes it easy to mash-up and layout informative dashboards. Widgets in a dashboard can be connected by underlying messaging to provide synchronized visualization upon drilling and filter actions.

Chart Types and Styles

Visualizing data through charts is essential for business intelligence. JReport supports more than 40 different chart types. In addition to standard charts like bar, line, pie and bubble charts, you can design and embed advanced charts such as back-to-back, heat map, bullet, spark line, gauge, doughnut, motion charts and others.

Geo Analysis

JReport provides geographic visualization and analysis by overlaying customized areas and markers onto interactive maps in OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. Conditional properties such as shape, size, color and label can be adjusted to provide a deeper understanding of the data, at a glance.

Performance & Scalability

JReport is designed to scale as your needs grow. Whether you require cloud operations, big data, or burst reporting, JReport offers capabilities for your enterprise initiatives calling for fast and sophisticated analytics. Learn More

JReport Server Cluster

JReport Server provides reliable, high performance reporting able to meet the stringent application requirements of enterprises across industries. The architecture is designed to provide unlimited scalability as usage demand increases. Fault tolerance automatically recovers from any single point of failure for non-stop, zero downtime operations.

Report Bursting

Report bursting can distribute any report result to multiple recipients, each receiving a subset of the result, subject to security rules. Bursting reports can be distributed to any destination, including email, FTP, and JReport’s versioning system, among others. Multiple criteria and rules can act simultaneously to perform multiple distributions from a single report run.


JReport applies a sophisticated set of algorithms for performance optimization.  It can automatically “push down” computations to data sources for better efficiency. Pipelining technology delivers a page at a time while concurrently processing remaining pages. Partial results let you set an adjustable limit when reporting against a huge data set.

Security You Can Trust

Security is the foundation of the JReport product suite. JReport provides a fully secured system from the metadata all the way down to the final visualization. See Details

Metadata Security Control

JReport provides access control to visualizations by applying different security policies, such as member, record and column-level security. Member-level security limits user access to the specific members of a dimension. Record and column-level security defines which records and table columns are revealed to any given user.

Built-In or External Security

JReport provides a built-in realm management system by default. The security settings and specifications from an external security system, such as LDAP, can be easily imported to integrate with JReport’s security system.

Built-In or External Authentication for Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is a must-have checkpoint for all integrated applications. JReport allows developers to create their own rules with the system. JReport also seamlessly supports standard external single sign-on systems like OAuth tokens to complete the solution.

Multi-Tenancy Support

JReport Server supports a multi-tenant architecture by organizing users into different organizations. An organization is a group of users that has its own administrator, which is essential for any web application deployed as a SaaS solution.

Rich APIs

Front End APIs

  • JavaScript API
  • URL Schema

Back End APIs

  • JReport Server API (with RMI support)
  • JReport Catalog API for metadata management
  • JReport Design API for visualization creation

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