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Embeddable Dashboards

Mash Up for Instant Insights

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With easily embeddable dashboards, your customers will garner deeper data insights by visualizing key performance indicators and other report widgets. Flexible and customizable integration options allow you to embed Logi Report’s dashboards and reporting as a seamless part of your application.

Embed into Any Application

Dashboard Reporting - Embed to Any Application

Developers can quickly build and embed dashboards, reports and visualizations into applications as part of a total solution for customers and users.

Customizable User Experience

Dashboard Reporting - Seamless User Experience

Customize and blend data visualizations seamlessly into your applications, giving users an integrated and consistent look and feel for an intuitive user experience.

Interactive Visualizations

Dashboard Reporting - Interactive Visualization

Visualize and analyze data using KPIs, charts, maps, crosstabs, tables, and more. Empower your users with filters, range select, drill downs, slice and dice to discover more.

Quick KPI and Dashboard Builder

Empower your users to easily create ad hoc KPI widgets with trend charts and 1-click styling. KPIs and animated visualizations can be quickly mashed up to form a dashboard. Creating highly informative dashboards has never been easier.

Extendible Charts, Widgets & Components

Extend the capabilities of your application by providing a diverse array of animated charts for sophisticated visual presentation of your data. In addition, a dashboard could include KPIs, controls, filters, widgets and report components for a highly interactive data visualizations.

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Dashboard Synchronization for Fast In-Context Analysis

To fully leverage a dashboard’s power, data from different visualizations need to be consistent. If you drill down, filter, or sort on any component, you’ll want the action to be reflected in all related components. Logi Report lets you easily specify the synchronization settings across components with just a few clicks.

Customize and White-Label

Customize dashboards with a full set of Java and JavaScript APIs, advanced security options, user permissions, and additional branding and options available via CSS. Give your users a seamless dashboard experience.

Dashboards and Visualization Anywhere

With responsive Logi Report, your users on the go can work with dashboards, reports and charts on any device anywhere, from PC to mobile. Your visualization will automatically scale and fold as needed, without programming. Information presented will always be legible and the layout perfectly adapted to best utilize the display. Your application will be automatically optimized for tablets and smartphones.

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