Canned Reports: A Complete Overview

Canned reports are preformatted reports distributed to a whole organization or to specifically defined user groups. These types of reports are traditionally scheduled for delivery at specific times of the day or accessible anytime through a web portal. Canned reports allow your organization to generate scalable, print-ready reports that provide visual analysis features for your users.

Users can interact with the data internally or externally depending on the security permissions granted to individual users. Canned reports can be tied to a specific data source or a mashup of data sources for a holistic answer to a multi-departmental business question. Some reporting vendors also allow for rich visual analysis features, where users can interact and view their data from any angle.

Canned Reports vs. Ad hoc Reports

Canned reports offer limited reformatting capabilities and often limited abilities to change important parts of a given report from an end user perspective. Ad hoc reporting empowers non-technical end users to create and format their own reports. Ad hoc reports give end users greater flexibility in defining the underlying data to be shown and how it should be shown.  This can enable users to dive deeper into their data providing better data insights for better decision making.

Due to the complexity of most underlying data structures, many organizations decide to limit the ability to edit or create new reports or dashboards.  An enterprise reporting tool, such as Logi Report, will give you the ability to create a semantic layer on top of your underlying data to reduce end-user confusion. Logi Report takes this one step further and allows end users (if given the correct permissions) the ability to not only create ad hoc reports but the ability to edit canned reports and save their own versions for later use.

Design Reports with Ease

Design Canned Reports with EaseLogi Report’s feature-rich interface provides the functionality to design production-ready canned reports. Users are able to use an intuitive drag and drop interface to guide them through selecting data sources, creating queries, and designing layouts. Logi Report enables precise control over every aspect of a report ensuring that data is presented in an easy to read format that matches existing corporate design guidelines. Additionally, Logi Report provides CSS style support allowing CSS style sheets to be applied at runtime to custom format reports for users.

The Chart Wizard in Logi Report also simplifies the process of creating complex charts making it a snap for report developers to deliver interactive, actionable charts for their end users to perform rich data analysis. Additionally, report components can display information from any data source and reports can access multiple data sources simultaneously enabling users to deliver concise views of disparate data in a single report.

High Volume, Pixel Perfect Reporting

Design scalable reports with high precision. Format your detail data into pixel perfect tables and page layouts combined with interactive components.

For example, if you have complex reporting needs such as the need to directly match down to the pixel level, a complex or long tax, and regulatory document, Logi Report fully supports the ability to match these documents.  This functionality is made easy with Logi Report’s IDE style Desktop report development tool Logi Report Designer.  Logi Report’s reporting engine can handle large volumes of data so that even 100+ page reports can be run quickly. Pixel perfect reporting allows even the most reporting needs to scale efficiently and with ease, with Logi Report’s scalable architecture you can scale up and down as peak demands dictate. Logi Report’s also node architecture is built to be fault tolerant so there are no single points of failure. You can also schedule and burst them concurrently to thousands of users. Give users reports with an exact look and feel, optimized for printing and high volume web delivery.

Ensure Report Integrity

Logi Report Designer makes creating complex reports easy. With Logi Report’s report design interface you can choose an option to “View During Design” so that the exact report output can be previewed from the end user’s point-of-view at any point in the design process. This makes QAing any given report quicker and easier so you can deliver results to your end users fast. Additionally, users can export reports directly from Logi Report to view interactive functions before publishing the final reports.

Interactive Self-Service Analytics for Your End Users

self-service analytics drawingBeyond the enterprise level reporting capabilities Logi Report supports, it also fully supports self-service analytics in two ways: a self-service analytics engine which allows for the creation of reports and dashboards and which drives different levels of interactivity in both dashboards and reports, and through a data discovery tool Logi Report Visual Analysis which allows for the quick creation of visualizations for use in quick data discovery.

Logi Report’s Quick Start self-service solution allows you to empower your end users with the ability to quickly create, edit, save, and share reports and dashboards.  With this drag and drop reporting tool, users can quickly build interactive visualizations.  Pre-defined datasets are made available to them via your development team in a semantic data layer system we call a “business view”.  A business view allows your developers to control your user’s data experience so they don’t need to understand your underlying data structure to functionally make use of their data.  This semantic data layer is also used to drive many of the interactive functions users can use in either ad hoc or canned reports.  You can define data hierarchies for drill down functions on a report, you can create formulas other additional queries to easily show summary level data, you can also empower users with filtering and sorting capabilities, and more. Empowering users with self-service capabilities reduces the load on your development team while providing your users with a quicker actionable intelligence.

Logi Report also enables you to provide data discovery through our Visual Analysis Tool.  Visual analysis is an easy to use drag and drop system that is built for quicker data discovery and insight. It too utilizes a secure business view system to drive user data insights and provides users with the ability to create quicker visualizations of their data.

Logi Report- A Leader in Embedded Advanced Reporting

Canned reports

Logi Report is an advanced reporting solution designed with embedded reporting in mind. It focuses on providing application users with the data they need in a way that’s easily understandable for use in their day to day workflow.  It does so while minimizing the development work that’s needed by your development team, meaning they have more time to focus on your core capabilities.

Logi Report includes a diverse array of different visualization types which can be used in canned reports developed by development teams for distribution to users or can be used by users themselves for the creation and editing of reports, dashboards, and widgets.  Users can share these visualizations and components through organizationally public folders if they have the permission to.

Key Takeaways

  • Canned reports present preformatted data to users in the way that’s considered best by a development team.
  • They can be distributed in a number of different ways, such as, via the web, or delivered via a scheduling mechanism to a number of different outputs such as email, FTP, or local delivery.
  • The advent of ad hoc reporting has made the usage of canned reports more variable and has helped increase the interactivity available in reports in general.
  • Logi Report enables you to provide both canned and ad hoc reports to end users within your application so that users have a seamless application experience.

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