What is Data Mart?

A data mart is a subset of a data warehouse that is dedicated to a specific user group such as finance or human resources departments. They allow for structure within a data warehouse and they help meet the data demands of any specific user group. This focus on specific user groups is necessary because data held in data warehouses are not intuitively organized and data marts resolve this issue by focusing on a single subject matter.

Characteristics of a data mart

  • Dedicated single subject matter
  • Focuses in on the subject matter by consolidating and integrating information from various sources.
  • Usually dedicated for a specific business function or purpose.
  • Built using a dimensional model called a star schema. This allows data marts to have multidimensional analytical capabilities.

Benefits of a data mart

  • Low cost to implement with a flexible approach. You have the flexibility of having a standalone data mart or integrating one into a full data warehouse.
  • Contains only data focused on a single subject matter allowing you quick access to the most pertinent information.
  • Quick and easy to build compared to a full data warehouse.

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