Embedded Reporting- Everything you Need to Know

Embedded Reporting Defined

Embedded reporting is the ability to integrate the capabilities of a reporting tool into an application. Embedded reporting tools can be white-labeled and customized to match the look and feel of your application and many have API capabilities for both the front and back-end. The ability to match the business logic of an application with that of your reporting tool is also typical.

What are the Goals of Embedded Reporting?

Embedded ReportingThe goal of embedded reporting is to provide an application with the power of a reporting tool without compromising the branding, look, or feel of the host application.With embeddable reporting, you can make better use of your application’s data by empowering your developers to create and embed extendible reports, dashboards, and visualizations. The end goal of this is to enable your end users to view and analyze data pertinent to their day to day business without the headache of actively developing your own BI and reporting tools. Many companies also use reporting in conjunction with an outward facing web portal, allowing external users, such as customers, to view and create reports within a web portal.

Why Do Software Vendors Use Embedded Reporting?

Software vendors use embedded reporting and BI tools for several reasons. The first being that the process of embedding and fully integrating a reporting platform designed for embedding into your platform is a lot less work than building one out yourself. You’ll use up fewer development cycles and have a shorter time to market. You can also shift many of the support burdens from your development team to the 3rd party vendor. Not only is the 3rd party vendor guaranteeing the reporting functionality will be future-proofed, but they’re also taking away burdens of fixing bugs. The self-service capabilities of embedded reporting solutions like Logi Report also make the actual administration of reports, dashboards, and visualizations easier. These all add up to more time to spend focusing on your core competencies and provide a competitive edge over competitors who may only be providing basic charts and reports.

Build vs. Buy- The Best Path to Embedding Reporting into your Application

buy vs. build embedded bi

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However, embedded reporting is not for everyone. If your users aren’t demanding advanced reporting capabilities currently, and won’t be doing so for at least the next 5 years, embedded reporting may not be for you. Generally speaking though, in most applications this isn’t the case. With the ever-increasing amount of information being gathered and used within applications, the need for reporting and BI has expanded exponentially. The ability to fully leverage and utilize an application’s data for use in day to day business processes has become one of the most in-demand features of any application. As customers continue to expand focus on application features and improvements, the need to focus on developing your core strengths will continue to grow. Here are a few reasons embedded reporting is being adopted now more than ever:

Time to Market

With the increased focus on agile development methods, and the continued press to improve launch and update dates, the ability to deliver a fully functional application to the market quickly is very much in demand. Using a 3rd party embeddable BI platform like Logi Report can allow you to deliver sophisticated BI capabilities to your users quicker than developing from scratch.

Focus on your Core Competencies

The reduced development time, the decreased effort for supporting and updating your BI, as well as the administrative capabilities which come with an embedded analytics platform, result in the ability to focus on your core competencies. The ability to devote more time to developing and improving your core functionality, while still having the added capabilities provided by an embedded BI platform is hard to beat.


Another thing that is often forgotten at the beginning of a product’s lifecycle is whether you will be able to keep up with demand as your user base expands. For example, if you’re currently using an open source charting library to hand code and develop reports, what happens when your user group doubles? Or triples? Will you be able to keep up with the demand? With an embedded reporting platform like Logi Report, not only will you be able to scale your development efforts easier through the use of reusable, sharable development resources, but you’ll also be able to handle the server side demand with a 3-tier architecture designed to scale up and down as you need it.

Benefits of Logi Report Embedded Reporting

  • Embedded Reporting

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    White-label: the reporting tool can be rebranded and made your own

  • Reports and dashboards can be embedded into any application including SaaS application
  • Customization: The reporting tool can be customized to match your applications look and feel and user experience via extensive API sets.
  • Management: You get full control of reporting and dashboard through administrative controls provided by reporting tools
  • Security: You can control the user permissions by integrating with your security and admin systems
  • Scalability: A flexible architecture that scales with your application, providing load balancing and high availability

Embedded Reporting Tools for SaaS Applications

  • Reporting tools can be integrated into your hosted application to provide BI benefits for your internal & external subscribers
  • Flexible deployment methods means an embedded reporting tool can be deployed on-premise, private, public or even hybrid server deployments.
  • Logi Report is also built with scaling in mind, scale up or down as your user demands change.
  • Full multi-tenancy capabilities help you match the security permissions built into your existing platform.
  • Enable tenant administrators for fine-grained management of their own resource, security, and user policies

Key Takeaways

  • Embedded reporting allows you to take the functionality of a reporting tool and integrate it within your application or web portal.
  • The goal of embedded reporting is to provide that function seamlessly within the UI and UX of your application so that an end user doesn’t even know they’re using a 3rdparty system.
  • With Logi Report the ability to do all of this made easy with a number of different integration and customization options both from the front end and backend perspective.
  • All of this leads to increased productivity from your development team and a better product experience for your customers.
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