What is Embedded Reporting?

Embedded reporting refers to integrating a reporting tool within your application. The reporting tool can be white-labeled and customized to match the look of feel of your application.

What are the Goals of Embedded Reporting?

Embedded ReportingThe goal of embedded reporting is to provide your applications with the power of a reporting tool. With embeddable reporting, your application can make use of the data collected to empower your users to make better decisions.

This can be utilized by departments in your organization to collect data from their business application to make better decisions. Or you can empower external users, such as customers, with external deployment to allow them to create reports right from your application.


Benefits of JReport Embedded Reporting

  • Embedded ReportingReports and dashboards can be embedded into any application including SaaS application
  • White-label: the reporting tool can be rebranded and made your own
  • Customization: The reporting tool can be customized to match your applications look and feel and functionality
  • Management: You get full control of reporting and dashboard management via the extensive api sets provided by reporting tools
  • Security: You can control the user permissions for secure access control and integrate with your security and admin systems
  • Scalability: A flexible architecture that scales with your application, providing load balancing and high availability

Embedded Reporting Tool for SaaS application

  • Reporting tools can be integrated into your hosted application to provide BI benefits for your internal & external subscribers
  • Deploy the reporting tool on-premise, private, public or even hybrid servers
  • Enable tenant administrators for fine-grained management of their own resource, security, and user policies

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Embedded Reporting

Embedding Reports & Dashboards

Embedded Reporting

Report Integration: Completely Customizable

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