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A JavaScript reporting solution is a reporting solution which integrates into applications using JavaScript APIs allowing you to visualize data in charts, widgets, tables, and other visualizations for use in data analysis. JavaScript reporting is a component part of many embedded analytics solutions which provide additional features such as dashboarding and data discovery. Learn more about embedded analytics.

Let’s Start with the Basics: What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used in modern websites and web browsers. It is commonly used to add animations, automate processes, and interactivity in web pages. In business intelligence, JavaScript is one of the programming languages used for both customizing web reports and embedding dashboards and reports within a web page.

Buying vs. Building your JavaScript Reporting

Buying vs. Building JavaScript Reporting

Learn More About Buying vs. Building Your JavaScript Reporting

Building out a JavaScript reporting engine or JavaScript dashboards from scratch can be a difficult thing to do. Many companies don’t have the BI expertise to launch a successful BI development project from scratch, and even those that do quickly realize that there is a huge time, energy, and capital investment involved in getting this type of a project off the ground even when using open source charting libraries.  But nowadays as the amount of data being captured daily has increased, more and more users want and need to use that data in their daily workflows.  This is where embedded analytics comes in.  Here are some of the main benefits of buying an embedded analytics solution vs. building your own JavaScript reporting tool from scratch.

Focus on Developing your Core Competencies

As mentioned, one of the main downsides of building your application’s reporting from scratch is the time and energy investment involved. Not only can you spend multiple development cycles getting the bare essential functionalities into your application, but once you do you still have to spend energy and resources updating and maintaining it.  All of this takes time away from developing the core capabilities your users care about most. Embedding a third party solution not only saves you development resources through an initial implementation but continually saves energy down the road as your user’s needs grow to allow you to focus on the features that make up your application’s main value proposition.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Many enterprise software applications have some sort of basic reporting built in, but many aren’t fully leveraging their data to provide users with deeper data insights. Using embedded analytics and JavaScript reporting with Logi Report can help your users garner more actionable intelligence from their data, increasing the value of your product and creating a competitive advantage when compared to competitors who have only basic reporting.

Future Proof with Scalable Architecture

As your product grows supporting the depth and breadth of your user’s reporting needs can become more and more difficult. It can be difficult enough to build out a reporting engine, but building one that can scale up and down without little to no BI expertise can be a daunting task.  With Logi Report’s fully scalable architecture allows you to scale as your user’s reporting needs grow.

Logi Report – The Leader in JavaScript Reporting for Embedded Use Cases

JavaScript Dashboard IconsLogi Report is a full-fledged embedded analytics solution which fully supports JavaScript Reporting through a set of JavaScript APIs. It can be fully customized to match the look and feel of your application on the front end, and your business logic in the back end through a set of Java APIs.  With Logi Report, you can mitigate development costs of your application’s reporting infrastructure giving you the ability to focus on your core competencies.  Beyond reports, Logi Report also supports JavaScript Dashboards as well as a range of other capabilities such as the below:

  • Self-Service Analytics-Logi Report allows you to empower your users with a full suite of self-service features.  Non-technical users can create, edit, and share their own reports, dashboards, and visualizations with ease.
  • In-Context Data Discovery-Logi Report’s Visual Analysis allows your end users to do quick data discovery and analysis with simple drag-and-drop actions.
  • Advanced Visualizations-Empower your users with advanced visualization capabilities. Logi Report supports mapping charts, compound crosstabs, combination charts, as well as external widgets and a variety of other visualization types so you can find the perfect one to properly display your data.
  • Interactive Visualizations for Deeper Insights-All of Logi Report’s visualizations also support different types of interactivity such as drill-down, drill-up, drill-through, filtering, sorting, and more.
  • Seamless, Deep Integration-Logi Report’s extensive APIs allow you to integrate Logi Report deeply into your application for a more cohesive user experience.
  • White Label to Match your Brand- You can match the look and feel of your application on the front end with JavaScript APIs and advanced white-labeling capabilities done through our report designer and CSS.

Benefits of Embedding JavaScript Reporting with Logi Report

  • Speedy Deployment- You can deploy on-site or in the cloud with ease. Spinning up an instance of Logi Report in AWS for example takes only minutes. Logi Report’s embeddablity also means that you can implement quicker than building a BI suite yourself.
  • Match your Application’s Security- Logi Report’s advanced security control and single sign-on support means that you can match your application’s security quickly and easily so your users only see the data they’re supposed to.
  • Administrative Management- Logi Report has many different administrative features built in that you can enable for both your development team as well as individual organization’s administrators.
  • Scale with Ease- As mentioned, Logi Report has an architecture built to scale, with cluster-node architecture that is designed to have zero points of failure.

Key Takeaways

  • Embedding JavaScript reporting into your application can be quick and easy when using an embedded analytics solution designed to be able to match the look and feel of your application.
  • Logi Report supports a wide variety of enterprise-level features so you can enable users with the best JavaScript reports and JavaScript dashboards.
  • Embedding Logi Report allows your development team to spend more time focusing on your customers needs and less time on BI.

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