Pixel Perfect Reporting: A Complete Overview

Pixel Perfect Reporting ExamplesPixel perfect reporting is the ability to make reports which can be formatted in their components down to the individual pixel level. Pixel perfect reports are commonly reports built to be printed or formatted for complex reporting requirements such as fitting an existing tax or regulatory document.

High precision reporting can range widely in the scope of technical requirements needed to properly format a report. For example, if you need to filled specific fields on a long tax document based on the data from a relational data source, there will be a certain amount of spatial acuity needed to actively design these reports. Some reporting tools force you to rebuild the preformatted report before being able to actively input data elements into it. Some reporting tools allow you to overlay an image of a blank report and then add data elements on top, for an accurate printable report. Logi Report, allows you to do either depending on your preference. With its IDE style desktop report development tool Logi Report Designer, you can design scalable pixel perfect reports and embed them into your applications.

Design Pixel Perfect Reports with Ease

Logi Report Designer’s robust interface gives your report developers the functionality they need to design production-ready pixel perfect reports and deliver them to users quickly and easily. Report developers can add and mash up different data sources by creating a meta data layer, we call a business view, which contains all of the object-definitions of different sources and queries then defined in an easily understood flat structure.  A business view can then be used to build components, reports, and dashboards, and enables end users with self-service capabilities.  Once a business view has been created, report developers can then us it to design report pages and layouts. With Logi Report, your report developers have exact control over the look and feel of a report. From the physical placement of elements on the page, to ensuring that colors and fonts match existing corporate standards. Customization is done via CSS either through an IDE style CSS properties panel, or via an actual CSS file.

Ensure Report Design before Publishing

One of the ways Logi Report Designer makes creating pixel perfect reports easy is by allowing you to preview a result set in an option we call, “view during design”. This allows you to see a precise preview of the report out for the report your building. This makes it easier to see what an end user might in your application without having to go through the trouble of publishing yet, meaning you can spend more time designing reports and less time QAing them.  You can also export report results directly from Logi Report Designer if the intended use of a report is to be exported or delivered in a format other than web.

Pixel Perfect Reporting Pipeline

Pixel perfect reporting is not just about the report design itself, it’s also about how it’s delivered.  With Logi Report’s reporting pipeline, you can view large reports faster by displaying only the first few report pages while processing the rest in the background. This partial rendering allows you to view a report immediately for a faster look at your data.

Pagination and Paginated Reports

For easy printing and exporting to .PDF, pixel perfect reports can be set to divide into individual pages based on page size, by breaks in grouped data, or by our custom algorithm. These reports can then be delivered in a number of ways, such as via email or upload to FTP, as well as many other delivery methods.

Compound Crosstabs

Sometimes a simple crosstab isn’t enough to fully explore the complexity of your data. The row by column formatting might work well for the type of data you’re looking at, but you need to take it a step further.  Logi Report allows you to combine multiple crosstabs for more complex analysis of different data elements. With a compound crosstab you can view multiple summaries on any group of rows or columns meaning you can dig deeper in your data.

Scheduling and Bursting Pixel Perfect Reports

Designing a pixel perfect report is one thing, but delivering pixel perfect reports to users at the right time so they have the information they need, when they need it is a whole other thing.  With Logi Report, you have the ability to distribute reports in a number of different ways and in a number of different formats.  From .PDF, .csv or excel and via email, FTP, web, or local storage. But Logi Report takes delivering reports to a different level with scheduling and bursting features.

Scheduling and Bursting Pixel Perfect ReportsScheduling allows you to, as it sounds, schedule a report to run and be delivered at a specific time or time interval. With Logi Report, scheduling is built in and can a report schedule can be created by either an end user or a developer. You can also create triggers based on specific data levels. So for example, if you want a report sent to you when weekly sales hit X amount, that’s done easily enough. There are plenty of other triggers available depending on your data structure, and you can even create custom triggers that run based on functions outside of Logi Report. This means once you embed Logi Report into your application, you can trigger a report run from some separate application function.

Bursting of reports is also possible with Logi Report. Bursting is the scheduling of a report to run for multiple users with different security permissions. We use what’s called a bursting key to match the report data with the correct permissions of each user. This means that each user receives a separate and different report with the information only they are supposed to see. As reporting needs grow, this is a great way to save developer time and effort because it reduces the number of total reports that need to be created.

Logi Report- The Leader in Embedded Pixel Perfect Reporting

Logi Report is an embeddable analytics and reporting solution designed to integrate seamlessly within applications. As mentioned throughout this article, Logi Report supports a large number of enterprise-level reporting features which makes it easy to deliver the most complex reporting requirements to your users. Logi Report is configurable to match the look, feel, and business logic of your application with a diverse set of APIs including JavaScript APIs, Java APIs, and REST APIs. Logi Report supports the creation of pixel perfect reports and allows you to customize them with an expansive set of CSS customization options. Logi Report Designer, our IDE report designer tool makes the creation of reports quick and easy so you have more time to work on your core capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Pixel perfect reports are reports that are customizable down to the pixel level so the rendered report set is exactly to spec.
  • Pixel perfect reports can be delivered in a number of different ways and formats depending on their usage, but often are distributed as a web report, via .PDF, or printed.
  • Because of the common distribution methods, pagination is often an essential feature of pixel perfect reports.
  • Logi Report empowers you to deliver complex, pixel perfect reports from within your application.

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