SaaS Analytics with Logi Report

SaaS analytics (Software as a Service analytics) offers analytics features such as rich, interactive dashboard and reporting through a web service. With Logi Report you are enabled to deliver powerful analytics capabilities via a SaaS deployment model or as an on-premises solution that embeds into a SaaS application.

SaaS Analytics: Easy to Deploy, Easy to Scale

Saas Analytics

Learn How Logi Report Can be Embedded into Your SaaS Application

Logi Report gives you the ability to deploy SaaS analytics and SaaS reporting in your applications deployed inside or outside of an organization’s network usually through a cloud deployment model and accessed by end users through the web. Logi Report can easily scale to meet peak demand times with its clustering technology that helps to ensure all of your resources are utilized efficiently. Dynamic load balancing automatically rebalances heterogeneous workloads when nodes are added or removed. Multi-tenancy and single sign-on capabilities enable advanced resource allocation and access control. The deployment model of SaaS analytics typically features the following benefits:

  • Low cost deployment. Logi Report offers flexible licensing models designed for cloud environments
  • Rapid deployment without the need for operational and maintenance costs. Initial installation of Logi Report’s SaaS analytics can be as low as a few minutes. Your users or customers can start firing out reports that meet their needs rather than focus on the back end maintenance of the analytical tool.
  • Flexible deployment through public, private, or hybrid cloud environments with on-premises server deployment capabilities as well.
  • Easily scalable for a growing user base. Logi Report’s SaaS analytics tool can scale to your growing demand.

Logi Report Makes it Easy to Embed Saas Analytics

Saas Reporting DrawingOften times, organizations want the option to deliver analytics through either a SaaS delivery model or an on-premises one. Logi Report has flexible licensing options to allow for either deployment model. Similar to a SaaS-deployed application, Logi Report’s embedded SaaS reporting software offers multi-tenancy for adaptation to any SaaS framework, and is deployable to cloud or on-premises environments.

The benefits of embedding Logi Report in a SaaS environment:

  • Flexible database connections include relational databases, flat files, big data sources (e.g., Hadoop and MongoDB), cloud storage (e.g., Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse), and custom data source options.
  • Seamless integration with white labeling options into your SaaS application. The reporting and dashboarding capabilities will look and feel as if you developed it on your own giving your customers a cohesive user experience.
  • Your SaaS application will stand out with robust reporting and analytics features putting you ahead of the competition.
  • Self-Service BI functionality enables end users to dive deeper into their data for better data insights and quicker decision making
  • Advanced API configuration for deep integrations on front and back end.
  • Save time and money by enlisting Logi Report services to quickly deliver SaaS analytics capabilities. The deployment model is streamlined and has low maintenance and operational costs.
  • Flexible licensing options adapt your own licensing models.

Key Takeaways

  • Logi Report offers two deployment types:
    • BI solution embedded into a SaaS application, or
    • BI solution embedded into an on-premises application.
  • Both models offer great benefits and flexibility for any application requiring BI capabilities.

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