FAQs – Logi Report Built-In Security

Logi Report provides a built-in security system that users can set up and maintain on their server in order to protect the resources on the server from unauthorized access.

A realm is an abstract security concept that contains resources and authentication entities. More than one realm can exist on a server, and every realm is independent from others. At runtime, only one realm can be active and only the users and resources in the active realm are able to interact with the server. The authentication entities consist of user accounts and role accounts.

To use Logi Report Server, you must have a user account, which consists of a unique user name and password. Logi Report verifies your identity when you log on.

Users must have certain user rights and permissions to perform tasks on certain resources. Roles help efficiently assign those user rights and permissions to users. Assigning users to one or more roles gives the users all of the rights and permissions the roles have to perform their jobs.

Permissions, associated with resources and folders, are the rules granted to users to control their access to resources and folders. Permissions include View, Read, Write, Delete, Execute, and Schedule.