FAQs – Logi Report External Security

Logi Report External Security
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a lightweight client-server protocol for accessing directory services. With LDAP support, Logi Report Server enables you to import and leverage users/groups from directory servers. Logi Report supports directory servers such as Novell Directory Server, iPlanet Directory Server, Microsoft site Server, OpenLDAP Directory Server, Active Directory on Windows 2000 advanced Server, and Lotus Domino server. With Logi Report, you can easily load the settings of your directory server.

To ensure that you have the most current security information, Logi Report can automatically synchronize the security information on your local server with that on the LDAP server. The synchronization process compares the security information on both local server and the LDAP server first, and, if necessary, updates the information on the local server so that both are consistent. When the synchronization process is completed, a report is provided that details information such as modified users, removed users, modified roles, and removed roles.

You can also schedule a synchronization task to run at a specific time.

Role Maps
When an LDAP user account is automatically imported, Logi Report can automatically assign users to specific roles according to a pre-defined role map. A role map consists of two parts: Search Filter String and Corresponding Role Name. When an imported LDAP user account matches the filter condition (specified by Search Filter String), it will automatically be added to a specific role (specified by Corresponding Role Name).