How to configure dynamic connections for different organizations

Q: How to configure dynamic connections for different organizations?

A: A dynamic connection is a group of connection properties that can be used to override the original data source connections in a catalog. To create a dynamic connection, please follow below steps:

1. Go to server console (http://host:8888) and click the “Server Information” button to check your license to make sure “Multiple Organization” is enabled by the license.

2. Go to http://localhost:8888/servlet/sendfile/help/userguide/server/content/html/config/config_cnct_dyncnct.htm and follow the instructions under the section “Creating a dynamic connection”

3. Please note “Add Database User Mapping” is a mandatory step, even if you do not have different database credentials for different users, you must add user mapping. For example, allow “everyone” to enable the whole dynamic connection settings. Although you can save your settings, the saved entry will be grayed out and it will not take effect at the run-time.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 to create all the dynamic connections to all your organizations.