How to send a message between charts and other components?

In the dashboard, when the user clicks on the chart graph, a filter message can be sent to other components.

For example, you have a bar chart component that shows the total sales by country and you have a table to show the detailed sales information. Once you click on the bar of a country, the table will filter the data for that country, and then you can set up the message as below:

1.Open the chart component in designer, double click on the bar to bring out the “Format Bar”, select the “Behavior” tab, add a click event, then select “Send Message”in the web action list. Finish by clicking “OK”.

Set the message as “0001 – Filter” and set the column name as well as the Filter Value as below:

Click “OK” then save the template.

2.Set the receive message for the table component as below:

3.Then once you are using the two components in a dashboard in server side, when you click on the bar, the table will filter according to which country you click on.