Big Data Visualization with JReport

Wednesday March 20, 2013, 2:00 PM ET

Are you using big data to capture and search through large sets of data? Do you want to quickly and efficiently visualize and analyze that data? Do you want a self-service business intelligence tool that is easy to use and easily interacts with your big data?

Join us to learn how to leverage business intelligence with JReport to gain deeper insight into your big data. Visualize, analyze, and interact with JReport’s self-service reporting solution. Filter, sort, slice and dice, drill down or up through your big data sources.

Highlights of the webinar and live demo will include:

  • Easy connection of reports and dashboards to big data sources
  • Fast creation of in-memory cubes from big data sources
  • Powerful, in-memory interactions on big data aggregate values

Join us to see how you can deploy JReport’s powerful BI solution on top of your big data sources.