Embedded Reporting Tools
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Embedded BI

Add Enterprise-Class Reports, Dashboards, and Data Analysis To Your Application

Quickly and securely embed rich charts and dashboards into your software application. JReport gives you a full control over the functionality as well as the look and feel our deep library of visualizations. JReport enables you to empower users to work smarter without further taxing stretched development resources.


Dashboards & Reports

Easy to Create, Easy to Embed

Empower your users with self-service reports and intuitive dashboards through a seamless user experience. Customize your reports, provide on-the-fly, dynamic analysis and build powerful dashboards with over 40 types of advanced charts and components. With self-service BI, users harness the power of their data while IT focuses on managing and scaling the application.

Customer Case Studies

JReport powers the core BI capabilities of their customer’s mission critical applications.