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Dashboard & Reporting Software

Easy to Create, Easy to Embed.

Build and Embed Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Embed Dashboard Software

Embed Into Any Application

Developers can quickly build and embed dashboards and reports into their own applications or as part of powerful solutions for their customers.

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Seamless User Experience

Blend data visualizations seamlessly into your applications, giving users an integrated look and feel for an intuitive user experience.

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Interactive Visualization

Explore and analyze data using charts, tables, crosstabs, maps, filters, drill downs, slice and dice, and others. Export visualizations to a wide range of formats.

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Self Service BI

Enable your users to easily create ad hoc dashboards and reports, and allow them to get quick results from their business data. See It in Action

Ad Hoc Reporting

Empower your users with the ability to build interactive, custom reports and dynamic analysis on the fly with no assistance from experts. Quick Start the creation of new reports and widgets, and share them for collaborative decision-making. Enable rapid protoyping for quickly fine tuning or modifying reports.

Dashboard Reporting Example

High Precision, High Volume Reporting

Design production-ready canned reports with high precision. Format your detail data into pixel perfect tables and page layouts combined with interactive components. Schedule and burst them concurrently to thousands of users. Give users reports with an exact look and feel, optimized for printing and high volume Web delivery.

Dashboard Software Example

Advanced Charts & Components

Include a wide variety of charts and control components to provide deep analysis to data. Reuse these HTML5 components when building new dashboards and reports.

Data Dashboard Software Example
Dashboard Reporting Example

Powerful Dashboard Reporting Software

Embed highly interactive, visual dashboards into your applications with JDashboard, our self-service dashboard software. Empower your users to create data visualizations with data analytics that drive competitive advantages. Dashboard design is intuitive with drag-and-drop ease for adding customizable maps, charts, crosstabs, tables, and other data visualizations.

Geo Analysis

Geo Analysis enables users to overlay customized areas and markers onto maps in OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. Drill up and down along a data hierarchy from region, to country, to state, to county, and back up. Link map data to other reports and charts for a different view of the data.

Deliver in Many Formats

Send and share dashboards and reports in different formats. Easily export to PDF, Excel, HTML5, XML, and many more.

Dashboard Reporting Delivery Example
Mobile Dashboard Reporting Delivery Example

Mobile Dashboards

Deliver rich dashboard visualizations for users across their mobile devices using JReport Mobile, a native iOS mobile app. Dashboards on JReport Mobile can connect to remote data sources or work offline. Easily filter, sort and explore your data on the go.

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