Data Visualization

Do More with Your Data.

Data Visualization & Analysis

Give your users the power to do more with their data. JReport lets users explore data from multiple sources to reveal the trends and comparative analytics behind their data.


Embed JReport into your application to empower users with drill down, pivot, and slice & dice using drag-and-drop simplicity. Enable agile, self-service data visualization with Visual Analysis that you can mash up with other charts, tables, and crosstabs into a single dashboard. Transform data into rich visualizations for exploring data from different angles – easily and without expert assistance.

Interactive Analysis Features

Drill Down

Drill down, drill to, and drill up along hierarchical paths to different levels of aggregated data.

Slice & Dice

Target specific cross sections of your data for flexible exploration and discovery.


Shift elements between rows and columns of crosstabs for different views of your data.

Color By, Size By, Shape By

Visual Analysis lets you use dimensions & measures to quickly highlight colors, sizes & shapes.

Quick Views

Instantly change the visual renditions of data between many flexible options with Visual Analysis.

Performance Optimization

Push computations to in-memory cubes or the data source to analyze data at blazing speeds.

In-Memory Cubes & Caching

JReport supports agile data visualization powered by in-memory cubes and data caches. This advanced data management architecture brings data closer to the user. Highly responsive, on-the-fly data analysis results in quicker time to discovery.

Component Synching

Changes in one component trigger actions in others providing a consistent view of the visualization.

Customizable Parameters

Reduce the need for tailored reports & dashboards by parameterizing general purpose ones.

Conditional Formatting

Adjust the look and feel of visualization properties based on data value conditions and computations.

Link Through

Dynamically link visualizations to reports & dashboards, web applications, and other URLs.

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