Big Data & Databases

Is your data scattered across different sources? Now you can extract data from all databases including big data and cloud data sources. For the ultimate flexibility, a single chart or table can even join data from multiple data sources.

Big Data Visualization

Visualize and analyze huge stockpiles of unstructured, high velocity data. JReport is equipped with standard and customizable connectors to big data sources for optimal performance. Gain deeper insights to your immense volumes of data.

Relational Databases

JReport has wide support of relational databases and provides a built-in SQL query editor and imported SQL. Connect using standard interfaces such as JDBC or through customizable connectors. Distributed joins enable report and dashboard components to present data combined from different data sources into a single view.

Flat Files

Connect to flat file data sources such as XML, Excel, CSV, and JSON files. JReport presents data from flat files in much of the same way as other data sources, giving you even more options.

User Defined Sources

JReport provides a flexible user defined data source API that allows the extraction of data that is not stored in a database or when there is no standard connector available.

cloud reporting

Web Services

JReport supports web services for connections to remote applications. This allows data requests to be served by applications instead of requiring direct access to a database.

In-Memory Cubes & Caching

JReport supports high-performance in-memory cubes and data caches for fast access to aggregation and detail data. This greatly enhances performance of data analysis such as drill down, pivot, and slice & dice. Bringing data closer to the user leads to agile data interaction and analysis.

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