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Embedded BI, Embedded Business Intelligence
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Add Reports, Dashboards, and Data Analysis to Your Application

Quickly and securely embed rich charts and dashboards into your software application. Embedded BI with JReport gives you full control over the functionality as well as the look and feel of our deep library of visualizations. JReport enables you to empower users to work smarter without further taxing stretched development resources.

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On-Premises Applications

Embed JReport into your own software applications or as part of the product offerings you provide to your customers.

Seamless Integration

Embed all reporting and dashboard functionality in both the application UI and back-end architecture.

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Extensive API for full control of reporting and dashboard management from within your application.


A flexible architecture that scales with your application, providing load balancing and high availability.


Embedded BI is designed to be customized, matching your product’s functionality and branding.


Embed with confidence. JReport supports multiple security standards such as LDAP and OAuth so you can fine-tune user access rights within one enterprise or across thousands of entities running on your SaaS platform.

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cloud reporting

Enabling SaaS Applications

Embed JReport into your hosted applications to provide additional BI benefits for your internal users or external subscribers.

Deploy Anywhere

JReport can be installed on private, public or hybrid cloud environments, as well as on-premises servers.


From small instances to large, multi-tenant environments, JReport’s embedded BI architecture lets your deployment grow as you scale.


Enable tenant administrators for fine-grained management of their own resource, security, and user policies.

Why Embedded BI with JReport?

Embedded Business Intelligence, Embedded Analytics

Add Value to Your Application

Give your software application the power of reports, dashboards, and data analysis. Your users will gain valuable insight into their data to make better business decisions with the added value of interactive data visualization.

Embedded BI ROI

Save Time, Capital, and Effort

Developing an advanced BI solution in your application is difficult. With a low total cost of ownership, an embedded BI solution that is robust and customizable gives your users the experience of a cohesive software package.

Create Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Build and embed your data visualizations and provide your users with the ability to explore and analyze data in a timely, actionable manner. Dashboards and reports are created by simply dragging and dropping in charts, tables, crosstabs, and other special components from a component library, all with little to no IT involvement.

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Embedded BI Customer

Make It Your Own

Embedded BI with JReport can be fully customized to your brand for seamless integration into your application. Whether you are offering a SaaS or shipping a software product, make the product experience your own by giving users the benefits of a reporting solution in your application.

All-in-One Integrated Platform

A complete BI solution in one package. JReport delivers embedded BI, reports, dashboards, and analytics functionality all-in-one integrated platform. Choose what features to integrate and how to integrate them through various integration options.

Supported Databases to Embed

Mashup Multiple Data Sources

JReport connects to any SQL database, as well as cloud and big data sources. Distributed joins let you mashup datasets from different data sources. All standard data source connections are supported, including a robust data source API for deeper integrations. Give your applications the flexibility of an embedded BI and reporting solution for a wide range of data sources.

Big Data Databases, MongoDB
Gartner Embedded Reporting

“Jinfonet’s product strengths are its embedding capability, through its customizable architecture for integration with host applications, and a high-performance reporting engine (JReport).”

Magic Quadrant for BI, 2015

Embedding Reports & Dashboards

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