What’s New in JReport 14?

JReport 14 is an exciting release that streamlines the data visualization experience. This newest release is full of usability and functionality enhancements geared for empowering developers and business users in the quick creation and embedding of reports and dashboards.

Quick Start

Create visualizations and tables without a multi-step wizard. One click to convert from table to crosstab or any type of charts. Turn on Partial Data for quick results from large data sets. Once you are happy with the design, save and reuse it to create dashboards.


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Enhanced Visualization

Rich chart types including the new back-to-back bench chart are highly customizable with flexible positioning, labeling and formatting. Intelligent drilling and navigation preserve filters and axis. Data visualizations have never been so expressive.


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Integration and Customization

Embedding functionality gets a boost with enhanced APIs for UI customization, single sign-on, external controls, navigation, report auditing, national languages, and more.


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Customize and White Label Dashboard Reports

Mobile Viewer

Precision-built reports can now be deployed onto mobile tablet platforms to support the expanded distribution of your visualizations.

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