What’s New in JReport 14.5?

JReport 14.5 is an exciting release that streamlines the data visualization experience. This newest release is full of usability and functionality enhancements geared for empowering developers and business users in the quick creation and embedding of reports and dashboards.

Dashboards and Visualization Anywhere

With responsive JReport, business users on the go can work with dashboards, reports and charts on any device anywhere, from PC to mobile. The same design of your visualization will automatically scale and fold as needed, no programming is required. Information presented will always be legible and the layout will perfectly adapt to best utilize the available display screen. With JReport embedded analytics, your application will naturally be tablet and smart phone optimized.

Dashboard Example

Compound Crosstabs

Crosstabs are frequently used to analyze aggregate information in the row versus column fashion, optionally with hierarchical structure. However, the business world sometimes requires analyses beyond this basic format. JReport now supports a unique compound crosstab that allows users to put multiple, compound crosstabs together in a very flexible structure. Every group of columns and rows can have its own summaries. This makes far more sophisticated crosstab analysis possible.

Compound Crosstabs Reports

Dashboard Synchronization

It is important for different parts of a visualization to be fully consistent. If you drill down, filter or sort on any data, you’ll want this to be reflected in all or a certain set of components on the same dashboard. JReport now lets you easily specify the synchronization settings across components with just a few clicks.

Dashboard Synchronization

Integration and Performance

When viewing a large report that takes a long time to run, JReport can pipeline the result set so that the first few pages are available while the rest are being processed in the background. Any partial summary will be flagged and automatically refreshed while remaining data comes in until the report is completed.

report pipeline

What’s New in JReport 14.5 Update 1




TLS Support for SMTP email servers.


Show or suppress the empty space where the object is not exported for Excel, PDF, etc.


Use URL to create Web Reports via Quick Start.


Show categorized values based on Category and Show Value on chart legend.


Support different SSL certificates for multiple server domains.

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